The electronic signature capture device named Sigma by signotec is being marketed as the brother of popular digital signature pad Omega. This LCD signature pad with backlight is a German-made device. The design is compact with 160x120x10mm ratio, which makes the device quite easy to carry. As it is a signature pad, the most vital aspect is to score in terms of the active signing area and this digital signature solution impresses with 100x500mm measurement of the same.

The display is of 4 inches and it can showcase any graphic up to 320×160 pixel. Text display comes with unlimited fonts and sizes whereas the navigation feature is easy with scroll functions, active buttons and unlimited screens.

LCD Signature Pad Sigma with Backlight belongs to such e signature pads that provide USB connectivity without any requirement of installation. If the pen is not working for some reasons, then it can be easily replaced as well. In addition, the scratch resistant surface of the sensor adds up to the utility factor of this electronic signature capture device.

If the above specifications seem to be impressive then you can opt for LCD Signature Pad Sigma with Backlight among many other available esignature devices.