LCD Signature Pad Sigma without backlight is not different with the one that comes with backlight in terms of specifications. This is a bit cheaper because of the no backlight aspect. This is regarded and a little brother of one of the renowned e signature pads, Omega. Those who have used the digital signature pad claim that Sigma has unbeatable ratio of price and performance. Due to the compact design with 160x120x10mm dimensions, the device is apt capturing signatures on the go.

Signotec not only developed this digital signature solution but also developed compatible drivers, electronics, firmware and applications. All these factors make the usage smooth.

The sensor of Sigma with its robust surface allows capturing signature for many years, which is an advantage among many digital signature devices. Many people, while putting their signature, unintentionally touches the surface of the pad with the heel of their hand. LCD Signature Pad Sigma eliminates such malfunctioning possibility as the signatures can be placed by using only a pen.

The display of text and graphics is fantastic with 320×160 pixels resolution. In addition to that, the users can be informed about the device‚Äôs status with its dual lamps that are programmable freely.