Exposanità Italy - a full success for signotec

signotec and NBT have jointly presented their solutions to the Exposanità in Bologna
messe bolognasignotec and NBT have jointly presented their solutions to the Exposanità in Bologna. From 16th to 19th May 2012, visitors were able to convince them of the value of their systems representing an integration in healthcare.Cause of a powerful API, extensive interactions can be implemented with the pen-pad.

Austria, May 2012; Over 30,000 trade visitors came this year to the international trade fair for the health sector in Italy, to an overwhelming success for the signotec solutions GmbH from Austria . With the Italian partner NetBT from Milan, presented its complete range of solutions GmbH, they legally compliant solutions for digital signing documents on screen and showed how to achieve the integrated signotec-signature pads integrate different processes in the medical field.

In a more intimate market for hospitals and medical practices, decision makers informed about how to make the LCD signature pads "Sigma" and "omega" used with the new software "SignoSign / 2" in practice. The integration of solutions into clinical IT systems, such as the electronic patient record, is assured. The availability and thus convenient management of digitally signed documents patient is ensured.
Signotec offers a wide range of solutions the typical requirements of hospitals and other healthcare institutions.

"The interest was particularly great to change the processes in a paperless flow around the patient," said Joerg Prinzhorn.(Managing Director of signotec solutions GmbH). "It is the automatic assignment of documents to the patient records, that improved the customers." Especially in light of international economic crises and the need to optimize costs and processes, find the complete solutions well received. Optimized processes in clinical practice proven to reduce cost and effort.

Since 30 years, the international trade exhibition Exposanità (Bologna), with a focus on health care is the only exhibition in the medical field in Italy and the second largest in Europe.The exhibition is one of the leading exhibitions in europe to broach the issue of intelligent medicine and technology.

For more information about our products and projects, visit: www.signotec.com

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