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Slovenian fund company ALTA goes for eco-friendly signature-solutions                                    

alta lOn the occasion of the international “Day of the Earth” in Ljubljana, the Slovenian fund company ALTA presented the most investor- and eco-friendly way to transact businesses. From now ALTA introduces as first fund management company in Slovenia and as a concluding procedure within the framework of the process of digitalisation of its business activity, the signotec signature-pads. Therewith ALTA adduces the proof, that the today´s investment culture is not only an advantage for the investors, but rather protecting the environment.

ALTA signatureTomaž Dvorak, Executive Director of ALTA Fonds and the Slovenian stars Ula Furlan and Alen Kobilica, were the first ones who tested the signotec Signature-Pads (from the left to the right)© signotec GmbH

With the introduction of the signature-pads ALTA completes its range of paperless, digital, business offerings, whose central components are the ALTA-funds Apps. With the E-funds it’s about free of charge internet-applications, they give investors an insight in each case current level of their portfolio, an overview over all transactions as well as an online access to the ALTA funds. The electronic signature-pads additionally provide the investors the possibility, to generate documents paperless, to sign them electronically and manage them afterwards. No paper needs to be printed out in advance. That’s not just eco-friendly, but rather saves paper-, toner- and administration costs.

As the first ones, the Slovenian stars Alen Kobilica and Ula Furlan tested the signature-pads in the premises of the ALTA in Ljubljana. The blind professional swimmer Alen Kobilica, whose foundation for blind children “Vidim cilj” is sponsored from ALTA and the Generali Versicherung, had absolutely no problems with the signature on the pen-pad. Also actress and TV-host Ula Furlan was thrilled by the easy handling.

“One of the guidelines of the fund company ALTA is, to preferably relieve saving in form of capital expenditures in funds, for our investors and to create this form of investment as accessible, clearly arranged and operator-friendly as possible. Therefor we are proud to be the first fund management company in Slovenia which enables the processing and executing of businesses with a total abdication of paper. Making a transaction digitally is the most eco-friendly way, also for our investors this form of processing is easy and comfortable to use.” Explains ALTA Executive Director, Tomaž Dvorak, on the occasion of successful presentation of the signature-pads.

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