signotec is presenting complete solutions for the electronic signature on the DMS EXPO 2014


dms11 logo 4c 5b0cc20f55 mRatingen, September 2014; On the DMS EXPO 2014 (08. – 10. October) in Stuttgart, signotec is presenting the whole bandwidth of legally conform solutions for signing digital documents. Mobile signing with tablets, signature pads and the required security concepts are part of the main topics. Also this year, the signotec is a partner of the VOI (hall 6, booth E32).


The declaration of intend via signature is still, even in the digital century, one of the most important processes when its coming to the execution of transactions which require a reliable documentation. No matter if insurance applications, acknowledgement of receipts or contracts have to be signed: The reliable authentication of the signee and the integrity of the document has to be guaranteed. The technique can be used without any limitations in all branches. signotec customers derive from a variety of branches from all over the world: financial institutes, healthcare, industry, management, distributing, automobile and many more.


The origin of the success of the handwritten electronic signature is relatively simple: it has been accepted for several hundred years, offers a great declaration of intent and is a biometrical attribute, which cannot be given unknowingly and can’t be spied on. With the signature it’s going to be documented, that the signee is aware of the content of the document. Beyond this, the signature is always available and cannot get lost or be forgotten, which is an unbeatable advantage over PIN proceedings.


The security of such a solution however is essential, because the signature is a biometric attribute, which has to be protected reliably. signotec is offering unique security features in the sector of capturing electronic signatures, which no other manufacturer can offer: Due to the development of our own hardware like the Signature-Pads Alpha, Sigma and Omega as well as latest signature software, signotec is in the position to offer integrated solutions for the evidential, electronic signing of electronic documents. The perfectly coordinated systems are “Made in Germany” and offer highest security when signing electronic documents. Sophisticated methods for the encrypting and signing confidential data within the pad is a signotec norm.


As a special highlight and on the occasion of the DMS EXPO 2014, signotec is going to show an outlook on future developments relating to the hardware.


Last but not least the mobile solutions come to the fore; signing on tablets like iPad, Android- or Windows-tablets is gaining more and more impact. signotec is also accommodating this and presents its highly integrative solutions. With its mobile signature solution, signotec fulfils the growing demand to approach business processes that require a handwritten signature on the go.


At the VOI-partner booth, signotec therefore demonstrates the whole spectrum of how to sign legally conform electronic documents and therefor avoid media breaks and optimize business processes.

The software base are products for desktop-signing like “signoSign/2”, browser-based systems like “signoSign/Web” or “signoSign mobile/2”, the solution especially for the use on mobile devices like iPad/iPhone, Android- or Windows-tablets or –smartphones.


On the 8th October 2014, from 11.30 to 12.00 and on the 10th October 2014 from 10.00 to 10.30, Loris Soldan from signotec informs in a speech on the VOI-forum about the “mobile office – the diversity of the electronic signature solutions on the go”. His topics: which possibilities are available, to sign electronic PDF-documents anytime, anywhere and evidential? How can several business processes being approached via a mobile device? How is the use of the digital signature looks like today?

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