The paperless application – The electronic signature makes it possible

 In most business processes, the customer´s signature is indispensable. It seals the deal or the contract, is individual and unmistakable. These days a lot of applications are generated electronically, they must be signed, forwarded and edited. Paperless work is becoming more and more natural. With the electronic signature – "e-signature" – the customer's signature is recorded electronically and integrated into the work processes.

The requirements of the VOLKSWOHL BUND regarding the solution demanded were clearly defined. An application which makes it possible to not only calculate the VOLKSWOHL- products Klassik modern, Privat-, Basis-, Riester- Pension, Disability insurance, €XISTENZ, Care- or Direct Insurance online, but also to electronically sign the application at the customer´s premises and transmit it accordingly. In no way an impossible idea: With the mobile software solution “signoSign/Universal” by signature- expert signotec the right solution had been found quickly.

For the VOLKSWOHL BUND an immense advantage, which creates fully automated and continuous electronical processes for working optimally. An important selection criteria for signotec´s solution was the independence of specific hardware to provide the signature. “We did not want to use any special hardware, but an application that can flexibly respond to the different requirements”, clarifies Dr. Ackermann, Head of Department IT of VOLKSWOHL BUND Lebensversicherung a.G..

The way to the electronic signature

The server-based solution signoSign/Universal by signotec GmbH makes this possible. What´s special about it is the support of various mobile devices or a signotec signature pad. In addition to the signotec signature pads an iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Tablet can be used for capturing the signature. No matter if mobile, stationary or in parallel use, the TÜV-certified application enables the secure signing of PDF-documents.

Another important factor for the decision of the VOLKSWOHL BUND was the possibility to operate the signotec solution on its own server. Here the integration into the own environment became very straight forward. The advantages of the own server solution are enormous – in addition to the in-house administration it offers flexible and diverse integration possibilities and a high adaptability. The sole concern with regard to the handling of data security remains with the VOLKSWOHL BUND and thus also serves the customer´s sense of security.

Transmit application – signature included

The customer´s use of the signotec solution is very easy. As usual, the VOLKSWOHL BUND sales partner generates the form with the in-house online rate-calculator. It is irrelevant whether the application has been created via a tablet PC or a personal computer. After entering all necessary data, the document is shown to the customer for examination. Thereby, the program automatically detects whether the calculation was made via the touch device or the PC. Depending on the terminal device a separate application opens for the electronic signature which page by page leads through the application form. The required signature fields are framed in red in a user-friendly way. After the customer has counter-checked the document, she or he signs directly with a stylus suitable for touchscreens on the tablet or smartphone. With just one click, the digital signatures performed are confirmed, inserted and stored into the document together with the encrypted biometric information of the signature. The digital application is then transmitted electronically to the central office. The customer receives the PDF document by e-mail for her/his own documentation.

The signature is performed according to the ISO standard. In case of a dispute, the signatures with the biometric features can be examined by a handwriting expert, just like a traditional handwritten signature.

„With signoSign/Universal, VOLKSWOHL BUND has a modern, flexible solution that can be adapted to existing or changeable processes at any time”, explains Gunther Hagner, Managing Director of signotec GmbH.

signotec GmbH was already awarded the contract in December 2015. “We look positively back to the last year and wouldn´t want to go without signotec´s mobile solution anymore. The digitization of our different workflows has significantly optimized our prozedures in the application process", adds Dr. Ackermann. “The introduction of the electronic signature at the VOLKSWOHL BUND enabled a more efficient and environmentally friendly work as well as massive time savings. The flood of paper related to the application process can thus become history."


The VOLKSWOHL BUND has been convincing for many years with its excellent financial strength and offers a high degree of security and yield. Its pensions are among the top products on the market.

As a mutual insurance company, VOLKSWOHL BUND is obligated exclusively to its members, the customers, and no external investors. In the daily practice of private retirement provision, the VOLKSWOHL BUND is appreciated as a reliable, competent and service-oriented partner.

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