Digitisation in distribution: Die Stuttgarter introduces completely electronic application process.

stuttgarter logo_rgbeAntrag (electronic application ) with eSignatur (electronic signature) offers relief and time saving for intermediaries – usable with all current smartphones and tablets.

Insurance intermediaries are increasingly demanded. Their work routine is getting more dynamic and challenging. This makes it even more important for insurers, to assist them with procedures. In order to have enough time for what distinguishes good intermediary skills: personal consultancy tailored to personal needs. As of now Die Stuttgarter offers their business partners a completely electronic application process: the eAntrag with eSignatur. That way, intermediaries are able to sign and submit applications fast and comfortable – paperless.

Advantages of the new eAntrag process

"Intermediaries can simply fill out and submit all required documents electronically", explains Irina Klein, head of consulting software and online marketing of Die Stuttgarter. You are able to interrupt the application process at any point and save changes. The current processing status of the submitted application can be observed any time via the status display. "Our new eAntrag offers all our business partners a huge relief. So they can focus wholeheartedly on their clients." The new eAntrag with eSignatur is available in the tariff calculator of the consulting software Stuttgarter BeratungsNavigator Online and in the online consulting tools of the insurer. The electronic application process runs on all current smartphones and tablets.

With only three steps to eAntrag with eSignatur


The intermediary fills out the application forms as usual via PC, laptop or tablet within the consulting software and proceeds to start the eAntrag process. In just three steps, everything is done: in the first step, the user provides details about handing over the contract documents. He confirms that he has verified the applicant’s identity and enters the place of application. At this point he can optionally document the consultation. In the second step, it is followed by electronically signing the documents via smartphone or tablet. An overview indicates which signatures have to be provided. The program guides through the process and shows exactly, which signatures are still missing. In the third and last step, the intermediary is sending the documents electronically to the customer. Simultaneously, the contract is going to be automatically binding submitted to Die Stuttgarter – also electronically.


Already since 2016, Die Stuttgarter is utilising the mobile software solution signoSign/Universal as an enterprise company license. The special feature of the server-based signoSign/Universal is support of mobile devices and the option of using stationary signotec signature pads. With the also TÜV-certified application, you are able to sign documents that require a handwritten signature, on the go with the own mobile device, without the need for using a signature pad. The application runs on client side even without additional software, with all current browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome. As an iPad or Android user you are additionally provided with the tried-and-tested signature apps. The apps may be used but are not obliged to. With signoSign/Universal  you can realise workflows without media discontinuity on the go.

About Die Stuttgarter:

Die Stuttgarter Lebensversicherung a.G. as the holding company of the Stuttgarter Versicherungsgruppe is, with more than 100 years of tradition as a mutual insurance company, only liable to interests of their policy holders. The main focuses of the Stuttgarter are modern provision solutions in life and accident insurances. Relevant performance indicators are proving for many years the reliability, solidarity and financial strength of the company.

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