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The left side of this page gives you an OVERVIEW of the range of available software. There are applications for end users and modules for system integrators. Customers' requirements differ greatly in terms of their complexity. This is therefore just a selection of the modules available, so as to give you a small overview.

In this highly busy schedule of mankind, people are determined not to lose any second of their time. Therefore, the innovation of the Skype and video conferencing has helped in conducting face-to-face business and other official dealings (through the web medium).

However, there was a technical constraint in formulating such authenticity for the PDF or the other forms of e-documents that were being used in such type of official dealings. These documents do not come with any kind of authentic signature or any legal stamp from the authority, thereby placing a factor of legal constraint in carrying out the e-procedures of such business or official exchange of authentic documents.

In the mean time, signotec has come up with a brilliant solution of digital signature software solution that had been approved by the British Parliament. The software is useful in proving the authenticity of any web document by inputting digitized version of authorized signatures, made by the actual signatories themselves.

With the help of the new advanced eSignature Software, innovated by signotec, any person accessing the electronic signature devices, like that of electronic signature pads, will be able to input their authorized signatures into any kind of PDF or other e-document in the web directly. This kind of signatures will be legally binding to all the entities and will have to be accepted as authorized, during any kind of business or official transfer of e-paper or documents.

The esignature devices have thus proved their worth in easing the process of business dealings from distant places. The relevance of video conferencing and Skyping in cases related to business solutions have been augmented further with the introduction of the digital signature solution.

The electronic signature capture device even consists of a specially designed pen-like gadget that helps the user to make the signature in a normal process, over the screen of the gadget. This is then captured by the special technology of the gadget of signotec, and transformed into the digitized version under influence of the specialized software.

The electronic signature devices help in inserting the signatures of the user into the correct position. Index information is automatically extracted in the following processing of the web document. In addition to this, there is no additional need of Acrobat modules for displaying the e-signatures.

In all cases, the certification of the

signature software

gets the credentials of electronics that are issued by the Authority of Certification. These are even associated with the private and public key pair. The certificates of the electronic signature pads are issued by the Personal Information Exchange that further adds to the significance revealing the authenticity of the signature.

The eSignature Software help in uploading the specific documents and make it ready to be imprinted with the authorized digital signature, in less than a minute. This process has helped in dealing with faster business process, increasing efficiency and even cutting costs at many instances. The digital signature software even helps in collecting and storing the characteristics of the signature made by using the designated pen-device by signotec. This even provides securing a complete portfolio of authentication and security features, pertaining to the legality of the signature.

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Always a step ahead with the signature pads and software of Sigplex!
Always a step ahead with the signature pads and software of Sigplex!
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