version 8.1.3

No important note.

New :

  • Full support of Alpha firmware 1.10 - 1.13, Sigma firmware 1.25 and Omega firmware 1.35
  • DisplaySetTarget() now supports the new value 1000 for parameter target

Changes :

  • SignatureStart() & SignatureRetry() accelerated
  • CPU usage optimized
  • RSACreateHashedImage() creates image with the resolution of the pad model
  • DeviceGetCount() returns -4 if only Alpha pads are found that are used by another application
  • The value BufferSize in the STPad.ini now defines the maximum size (was minimum size before)
  • The STPadLib.dll header file (STPadLib.h) now includes defines for all possible error codes
  • When clicking on a hotspot while a legally admissible signature process is running the display backlight is switched
  • DeviceSetComPort() supports the strings "LowSpeed" & "HighSpeed", "SigmaOmega" & "Alpha" are deprecated now
  • STSignatureSetSecureMode() added (as documented), SignatureSetSecureMode() only left for compatibility (STPadLib.dll only)
  • An already found device can be accessed directly without a new search if it has been unplugged and plugged again (not for IP connections)
  • The parameter nDataSize CBPTR* callback method now contains the size in bytes, not the size in LONG (STPadLib.dll only)

Bugfixes :

  • Drawing images while the capturing process is running works correctly even if property DisplayRotation is set to 180
  • Certificates generated using RSAGenerateSigningCert() have the correct validity in any case
  • Access violation fixed that could occur when using multiple pads with different serial number lengths
  • Class STPadLibControl is threadsafe (STPadLibNet.dll only)
  • Access violation fixed that could occur when moving the mouse over the control while no pad is open (STPadCapt.ocx & STPadLibNet.dll only)
  • RSACreateHashedImage() can be used without connecting a pad
  • All methods of STPadLib.dll now only return documented error codes
  • When using the Alpha pad in the Ethernet mode the firmware version is read correctly
  • DeviceStartService() works correctly even when an image has been copied into the background or overlay buffer before
  • Communication with pads connected over IP is more reliable
  • COM components are registered correctly by the setup
  • The VB.NET demo doesn't crash anymore when selecting the decrypting certificate in the RSA options

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