Setup Version 10.3.0

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New :

  • A new plug-in interface for document archiving has been implemented:
    • Appropriate configuration options have been added to the document type administration.
    • The "default file archiving" has been put into an "internal plug-in". The use of this plug-in is the default setting, so no manual step is necessary to get the old behavior. Also the configuration of existing document types will be converted automatically.
    • Minor enhancements, changes and corrections to the existing plug-in interface and service as well as the management of plug-ins by the configuration and document type administration dialogs. These changes are not visible and therefore not testable.
  • Since the firmware of the Gamma and the signotec pad library API has reached a stable state this version is now included in signoSign/2. The use of the new Gamma pad is therefore now fully supported and possible. (Exception: The service dialog of the Gamma pad is not yet accessible by software. The appropriate button is therefore not visible at the moment.)
  • signoSign/2 is now available in a true 64Bit version:
    • signoSign/2 now uses the new STPDFLib instead of the SignLib2.
    • A new version of the SignPDF3 is used which also uses the STPDFLib and no longer depends on the SignLib and SignLib2.
  • Setup
    • A configuration file of the new archive plug-in for „Bank Republic“ will be installed instead of the default one if it is placed in the same folder as the setup file of signoSign/2.
    • A new version of the signotec PDF-Printer is included in this setup.
    • New documentations are included in this setup.
    • The 64Bit setup now installs the new true 64Bit version of signoSign/2.

Changes :

Bugfixes :

  • IP-List Capture plug-in: Necessary changes have been made to comply with latest interface changes.
  • iPhone Capture plug-in:Necessary changes have been made to comply with latest interface changes.
  • BayWa add-ins:Necessary changes have been made to comply with latest interface changes.

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