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Revolutionising e Signature Pads

After the acceptance and approval of the method of authorization by the signature software in the European Parliament, the electronic digital signature software powered devices have become the most significant gadgets to be used by various agencies and business houses in order to carry on their exchange of legal documents even faster and in an efficient manner. The devices of signotec that are powered by the advanced digital signature solution are as follows –

Colour LCD Signature Pad Omega – This digital signature pad is an extremely compact capture device that comes in an appealing design. The device is useful in making ultra-ergonomic signature by the user. The rounded appearance of the gadget helps in proper handling of the system while the user is signing. The pen-device that comes with it also gives the feeling of an actual pen. The users can even use the colour of his or her choice, while signing on this device (to be used in the web documents). This gadget even provides the option to input the signature of any colour, into the e-document.

LCD Signature Pad Sigma with Backlight – This electronic signature capture device comes with an attractive design. They can even be used in darkness as well, due to the backlight technology used in the gadget. The high sensor helps in effective sweeping of the signatures, very easily. This kind of esignature devices has helped in taking a big step forward, regarding official dealings of any enterprise, and legalizing the e-documents related to the dealings. The digital signature solutions applied by the company of signotec have really helped in bringing a radical change in the perception related to acceptance of e-documents in true legal terms.

LCD Signature Pad without Backlight – This device is entirely same as the above-mentioned device. The only difference being the absence of the backlight system that will not help the user to use the device during darkness. The backlight facility helps the screen to be clearly visible even during the darkness. Therefore, the other features of converting the manual signature of the user into the digitized version, remaining the same, this device only appears less attractive without the provision of the backlight facility.

Electronic Signature Software – All the digital signature devices come with the innovative solution of e signature software. With the help of this software, the manual signatures made by the specially designed pens are transformed into digitized signatures, that can be imprinted on to the web versions of the documents. The innovation of such a software, has thereby, helped in making the process of transfer of documents through the web world easier, even through legal means.

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