version 8.1.4

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With our free of charge SDK you can load a page from a PDF inside the signature pad! This method can be used to specify an excerpt of a page of the currently loaded PDF document, which can then be displayed on the signature device with the DisplaySetPDF() method. The full page is always displayed by default. Please refer to the documentation and the new-section below!

New :

  • Sigma pads with firmware 2.0 and newer which are connected over Ethernet are supported now
  • The STPadLib.dll now exports all methods with the stdcall calling convention additionally
  • DisplaySetPDF(), PDFLoad(), PDFGetPageCount(), PDFGetWidth(), PDFGetHeight(), and PDFSelectRect() added
  • Setup now installs .NET 4.0 (Client Profile) if necessary
  • Setup now installs "signotec HID" and "signotec WinUSB"

Changes :

  • The device indices aren't changed anymore when a pad is disconnected
  • Up to eight devices can now be opened simultaneously
  • A reconnected pad can be used without a new device search
  • DeviceGetConnectionType(), DeviceGetComPort(), DeviceGetIPAddress, DeviceGetInfo(), and DeviceGetVersion() return error -22 if called for a disconnected pad
  • The error -32 now never occurs when SignatureRetry(), SignatureStop(), SignatureConfirm() or SignatureCancel() is called but may only occur when RSASign() is called
  • Signature rendering optimized
  • The STPadLibNet.dll now requires .NET 4.0 (Client Profile)
  • C++, C#, and VB.NET demo applications updated to Visual Studio 2010
  • WPF STPadCapt Demo App replaced by WPF STPadLibNet Demo App

Bugfixes :

  • DeviceDisconnected() event works (64 Bit version only)
  • In rare case RSASetEncryptionCert() failed if the same certificate was already stored inside of the pad
  • SignatureStart() doesn't restore the previous display content anymore, if it has been changed after calling SignatureStop (Sigma and Alpha pad)
  • RSAGenerateSigningCert() generates SHA256 certificates as in version and earlier even if used Sigma pads with firmware 1.20 or older
  • In rare cases a crash of the component could lead to wrong colour display on Omega pads
  • In rare cases calling SignatureRetry() or SignatureSaveAs...() could lead to a crash
  • Disconnecting a pad connected over Ethernet could cause a Deadlock
  • Images which can be compressed extremely good could cause an error -20 when trying to store  them into a non-volatile memory of the Omega pad
  • When using the secure signing mode with a Sigma pad without backlight the hotspots now work again as in and before
  • Calling SignatureScaleToDisplay() without having opened a pad connection now returns an error instead of causing an access violation
  • Memory leaks fixed in STPadCapt.ocx
  • Calling STPadLibNetControl.SetSTPadLib() now refreshs the control correctly
  • DeviceDisconnected() is now called only once with the index of the pad which was disconnected (STPadLib.dll & STPadLibNet.dll)
  • DisplayScrollPosChanged() is now correctly called when DisplaySetImageFromStore() is called
  • JavaScript demo now works in IE 11

News from 29.04.2015 Last updated 19.08.2015


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