version 8.1.2

No important note.

New :

  • API support for Alpha pad added
  • DeviceSetComPort(): new optional list entries "SigmaOmega" & "Alpha" added
  • DeviceGetConnectionType() added
  • DeviceStartService() added
  • RSAGenerateSigningCert(): new possible value 0 for the key length added
  • SensorAddScrollHotSpots() supports buttons for horizontal scrolling (Alpha only)
  • RSASetHash(): new value 0x02 for the options parameter added
  • In the STPad.ini file there is the new convenience key "LogAll"

Changes :

  • Displaying any content on the pad after calling SignatureConfirm() erases the complete display
  • signoReset & all .NET sample applications support the Alpha pad
  • Drawing routines accelerated (DisplaySetText(), DisplaySetTextInRect(), DisplaySetImage()...)
  • RSASetSigningCert() & RSADecryptSignData() support PKCS#12 files that have included a certificate chain
  • When calling SignatureStart() or SignatureRetry() after calling SignatureStop() or SignatureConfirm() without calling RSASign() in between a hash set by RSASetHAsh() isn't discarded anymore
  • The SignatureDataReceived() event is called even when the secure mode is enabled but with 0 for all parameters

Bugfixes :

  • Scaling issues fixed that could occur when ControlMirrorDisplay has the value 3
  • Rare Crash fixed that could occur when loading specific images (e. g. photos) into an Omega pad with firmware 1.25 or older
  • RSASign() creates correct PKCS#7 signatures if this options has been set
  • Calling DeviceOpen() with false for the optional parameter eraseDisplay could lead to display errors
  • If the ControlMirrorDisplay property has the value 4 the mouse cursor isn't changed into a hand icon over inactive buttons
  • If the key DisplayRotation in the STPad.ini has been set to 180 the value isn't overwritten anymore by the DisplayRotation property of the STPadCapt.ocx or the STPadLibControl class which has been set at design time
  • Crash fixed that occured when a search for serial devices on all ports has been made on computers with COM ports that have names longer than 7 characters
  • In rare cases the names of COM ports have been read wrong from the registry and no pads could be found

News from 24.10.2013 Last updated : 21.11.2013


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