version 8.2.0

No important note.

New :

  • Gamma support added.
  • DisplayConfigSlideShowEx() added.
  • New keys for STPad.ini: BufferSizeVCom & BufferWaitVCom.

Changes :

  • DisplayGetStandbyId() now returns a hexadecimal string.
  • SignatureRetry() optimized for Alpha pad.
  • Data transfer optimized for serial and IP connections (much better performance for Alpha in IP mode).
  • Session key exchange accelerated.
  • .NET & C++ samples updated.

Bugfixes :

  • Opening a device via IP which has been changed since the last search is not possible anymore.
  • DeviceOpen() returns with the correct error if the LED color could not be set correctly.
  • Copying images from one permanent store to another doesn't lead to memory leaks anymore.
  • DisplaySetStandbyImage(), DisplaySetStandbyImageFromFile(), DisplayConfigSlideShow() & DisplayConfigSlideShowEx() work correctly even if they're called multiple times within the same session.
  • On the Alpha pad the complete buffer width may be used for horizontal scrolling.
  • STPadLib which has been set with ControlSetSTPadLib() doesn’t try to call STPadLibControl instance if it doesn't exist anymore (STPadLibNet.dll only).
  • Images are now drawn correctly on the display if property DisplayRotation has been changed before and DisplayErase() hasn’t been called in between.
  • Copying images from a buffer to the overlay buffer using DisplaySetImageFromStore() works  even if property DisplayRotation is set to 180.
  • Trying to scroll a not scrollable target doesn't lead to an error anymore.
  • Calling SignatureRetry() erases the signature correctly even if the display rotation is enabled.
  • SignatureSaveAs...() creates correctly scaled image even if the display content shall be included and the Alpha pad is used.
  • RSADecryptSignData() doesn't skip the last point anymore.
  • RSASign() with the option "PKCS#7" works even if a very large certificate is stored inside of the pad.

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