signoPAD-API/Web (formerly: Websocket Pad Server)

The product, which has been known as Websocket Pad Server, has now the new name signotec signoPAD-API/Web.

It is a solution for communicating from a web application to signotec signature pads without the need for a browser plug-in.

For integration, a JavaScript library is available. Alternatively, if technically required, it can also be communicated at the protocol level.

Operation via ActiveX is possible as an option.

The server runs on the PC or in the Citrix terminal session to which the signature device is connected. A web application running in a browser can then communicate with the signoPAD-API/Web. This allows content to be displayed on the pad and a signature (image and biometrics) to be transmitted to the web application.

The signotec signoPAD-API/Web acts as a bridge between the web application (browser) and the local signature pad (USB / vCOM / Virtual Channel).

The signoPAD-API/Web specification—developed as part of the HTML5 initiative—introduced the WebSocket JavaScript interface, which defines a full-duplex single socket connection over which messages can be sent between client and server. More information you will find here.


The signotec signoPAD-API/Webis a solution which realizes a web-based integration of signotec signature pads.

  • Web-based integration of signature pads
  • Simple JavaScript and Protocol-Level interface
  • "API mode" for more complex pad functions*
  • Secured data transmission
  • No Browser Plug-In needed  (No NPAPI/ActiveX)
  • Support common browsers**
  • Extensive documentation
  • Demo application with source code

* Advanced API mode is currently only available on Windows.

** WebSocket-enabled browsers are supported, such as: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. For exact version numbers, see the signoPAD-API/Web documentation.

Example Integration


The signotec signoPAD-API/Web can be integrated into an existing web application.

The signotec signoPAD-API/Web comes with a JavaScript library that encapsulate the protocol and asynchrony of WebSocket communication, which is why it should preferably be used. As a rule, integration at protocol level should only take place if a JavaScript library cannot be used for technical reasons.

The API can be used in two modes. Standard mode provides an easy-to-use interface with limited functionality and predefined dialogs. The "API mode"* also provides more complex interaction options with the signotec signature pads.

The delivery package includes a demo application (including source code) as well as extensive documentation.

* Advanced API mode is currently only available on Windows.

System Requirements

The signotec signoPAD-API/Web is installed on the client side and serves as an interface between the browser and the locally connected signotec signature pad.

  • Windows 7 (or later)
  • Citrix Terminal Session *
  • Linux **

* For more information about running Citrix, see the signotec signoPAD-API/Web documentation.

** You can find the required dependencies under Linux in the signotec signoPAD-API/Web documentation.


The signoPAD-API/Web can be downloaded at any time via the link below.

The download contains everything you need:

  • All mentioned API components
  • Device drivers
  • Documentation
  • Demo Applications
  • Sourcecode examples

The demos and example code can be found in the installation folder!

If more than 50 devices are used to capture signatures, an individual agreement is required to use the API.

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