Download Web Plug-In (NPAPI)

Download Web Plug-In (NPAPI

The signotec Web Plug-In is a cross-platform Plug-In used by many web browser. It is based on NPAPI.

The architecture was first developed for Netscape browser which gives the API the name (Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface).

The signotec Web Plug-In works with browsers like Chrome, Opera, Firefox and MS Internet Explorer.

The Web Plug-In captures the image in a high resolution and excellent quality. With our without a visual time stamp.

The image from the signature can be displayed in an website and will be returned in the memory as Base64 coded string. Image formats in the memory could be TIFF, PNG, Bitmap, JPEG or GIF.

The biometric data will be captured and coded in a Base64 string as well.

Web Plug-In it is easy for integrators

With the signotec Web Plug-In it is easy for integrators to use the signotec signature pads in a webbrowser.

This technology is for Windows OS only. The software must be installed by the client.

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