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    The signotec Omega NFC is an advanced development of the normal Omega model. The new hybrid model offers two devices in one: a signature pad and an NFC reader..

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    LCD signature pad

    "Omega NFC" is used for accurate signature capture on a signature pad with a large 12.5 cm (5") full-colour display and an integrated NFC reader, perfect for the paperless point of sale (POS).

signature pad

"Omega NFC" is the advanced version of our best seller device "Omega".the Omega NFC for accurate signature capture on a signature pad with a large 12.5 cm (5") full-colour display and an integrated NFC reader, perfect for the paperless point of sale (POS).

The Omega NFC is an advanced development of the normal Omega pad model. The new hybrid model offers two devices in one: a signature pad and an NFC reader. With this unique combination, you can set basic accents at your point of sale. The smart integration of two devices into one not only saves space, but also money, and enables seamless integration into your existing processes. Like all other models, are fully developed and produced by signotec Omega NFC itself - "Made in Germany".


NFC is the international transmission standard for wireless data exchange and enables extremely secure data Transfer. The special feature of NFC is that two devices (e.g. Omega and another device) can be kept at a distance of a few centimeters to initiate a data transfer. The application areas of the NFC are very diverse. NFC can be integrated in PC applications but also in PC peripherals, as here in the "Omega". The Near Field Communication can also be embedded in individual chip card readers and electronic identity applications (eID).




  • Combination of a signature pad and an NFC Reader
  • Large 12.5 cm (5") full-colour display
  • Pen with special, resilient pen tip
  • Simple, contact-less readout of data (eg. from a NFC-enabled card)
  • Only one USB connection needed
  • High data quality through electronic detection
  • Fast, modern handling with the customer
  • highest security through unique security features and RSA encryption
  • Individual design possibilities (colors and logos)

Software & Integration

The NFC reader supports CCID drivers and smart card reader functionality inboth Windows and Linux operating systems. On the applications side, the NFCreader (NXP PR533) integrates under Windows into the Microsoft Smart Card API and under Linux into the corresponding APIs. More information about integration can be found here:
To use NFC you need a software that utilises the NFC standard. Integrators can use the NFC interface provided by Microsoft or Linux.


Type 12,5 cm (5") Full-Colour LCD with LED backlight
Colours 65.536
Resolution 640 x 480 pixels
Scroll Function Yes, graphics up to 640 x 960 pixels.


Type RTP (Resistive-Touch-Panel)
Pen Pen with special, resilient pen tip (changeable)
Surface Special foil surface for RTP sensors
Life expectancy approx. 1 Million Signatures
Pressure Stages 1.024
Sample Rate 500 Hz, 4D Samples (x, y, z, t)
Active Signing Area 100 x 75 mm
Resolution 4.096 x 4.096 Pixel absolute ≙ 2.214 x 1.130 ppi

Near Field Communication (NFC)

Availability Optional, integration under the hand rest
Type NXP PR533
Integration Microsoft or Linux Smart Card API
  • Reader/writer functionality compatible with ISO/IEC 14443 A&B, MIFARE™, FeliCa, and NFC Forum tag types (Jewel, MIFARE Ultralight, FeliCa, FeliCa lite, MIFARE DESFire), and supports I-class (Picopass B type modulation)
  • ISO18092 passive Initiator
  • Complies with German eID, ICAO, and EMVCo 2.1
  • Supports PCSC part 3 release 2.01.07
  • Integrated support for MIFARE Reader
  • USB 2.0 host interface, CCID protocol Support
  • Validated with Microsoft Windows and Linux CCID native drivers.


Encryption AES- and RSA-Encryption
Secure Mode Real-time display of the signature without usable biometrics
PDF-Signature RSA signature creation device inside the pad
Hash Algorithms SHA-256 und SHA-512


Connection USB (approx. 2,0 meters cable length)
Power Supply USB
Network (TCP/IP) Yes, with optional signotec USB-Ethernet-Adaptor.
Terminal Server / Citrix Yes, optional with hardware FTDI chip or signotec vCOM driver
Citrix Virtual Channel Yes, optional with signotec Virtual Channel driver.


Dimensions (W x D x H) 180 x 191 x 15 mm
Weight approx. 350g
Status LED 2-colour status LED
Slideshow Yes, up to 10 images as self-sufficient slideshow inside the pad.
Customization Change of housing color and logo print (on request).
Warranty 2 years.

The signature pads have the highest security mechanisms* available. This allows a complete chain of evidence in dispute. Depending on the integration, different techniques are used:

  • PDF documents** can be signed inside the pad and not in the insecure environment of the PC.
  • The biometric data of the signature can be RSA-encrypted inside the pad using a public key.
  • RSA-signature of the displayed content and signature.
  • Upon delivery, each pad has a separate and unique RSA certificate for signing.
  • Storing of custom RSA-certificates inside the pad.
  • The pad can generate a RSA certificate.
  • Supported schemes are RSA PKCS # 1 v1.5 (with or without the hash OID), PKCS # 1 v2.1.
  • Certificates can be certified by a Root Authority.
  • Supported hash algorithms are SHA-1, SHA-256 and SHA-512.

* The security features only refer to the signature capture via signotec signature pads. Other functionalities of hybrid devices (eg NFC or fingerprint) may have deviating security standards.
** One of our paid signature applications is required to sign PDF documents. For Windows we recommend our software "signoSign/2".

Sigplex strives to bring the best digital signature experience to our customers around the world through its innovative hardware and software.

Sigplex welcomes your feedback on its products.

Made In Germany
Made In Germany
  • Software and Hardware from a single source
digital signature pad Ultra slim design - only 1,5 cm thick
  • Inexpensive spare parts
  • Optional internal USB to serial converter – virtual serial port
  • Power is supplied via USB with no power supply unit
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