Setup Version 10.0.77

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New :

  • signoSign/2 now allows to add a certified timestamp (according to RFC 3161) to the signatures. For this the configuration area has been changed and expanded accordingly. If this certified timestamp is used the timestamp added to the image of the signature is based on local system time. (Technical reason: The signature image has to be placed in the document before the hash is calculated. This hash is needed to get the certified timestamp.)
  • Please note: At the moment the SignPDF3 cannot handle these certified timestamps and will therefore return the information about signatures as usual (-> containing no hint that there is a certified timestamp assigned to the signature). Since signoSign/2 depends on this information for visualizing information about signature fields it will only display that the signature was created using local system time.
  • signoSign/2 now allows to configure that the form mode will be selected automatically for newly opened documents. This is also the new default setting.
  • signoSign/2 now refreshes only the affected signature field after confirming a signature instead of the entire document. Depending on the complexity of the document and especially the document type this can be a huge performance boost.
  • It is now possible to alter the scanners brightness and contrast values. These settings can be controlled in the configuration window. It is also possible to alter these settings in the preview window before scanning the page again.
  • It is now possible to rotate the scanned page before inserting it into the document. Therefore it is now also be possible to insert a scanned page in landscape orientation.

Changes :

  • Because most firewalls by default block the appropriate port the usage of the SNTP server is now turned off by default.
  • signoSign/2 no longer preselects the original location of the file in the "Save As" dialog. This should make it easier to handle files located in the temp folder created by the "signotec PDF creator".

Bugfixes :

  • The status messages "Sending mail cancelled" and "Sending mail succeeded" were switched. This bug has been fixed.
  • The question asking the user if he really wants to close signoSign/2 if a mail is currently being sent was misleadingly formulated. This has been changed.
  • In some rare cases signoSign/2 could crash if sending an email was canceled due to closing the application. This bug has been fixed.
  • If a scanner is found but reported offline by its driver an appropriate message will be displayed instead of a generic message including an error code.
  • signoSign/2 crashed using an Alpha pad in Alpha signing mode, if the pad did not allow to change the certificate for encrypting the biometric data but it was configured to do so.
  • If a HID pad was configured but not connected at the start of signoSign/2 it was not found if it simply was reconnected. It had to be either configured manually using the configuration dialog or by closing and reopening signoSign/2. This bug has been fixed.
  • The e-mail interface of signoSign/2 reported "E-Mail was sent successfully" in some cases where the e-mail in fact was not sent at all due to misconfiguration. This has been fixed.
  • Many more scanner models should be supported with this version. In addition the scanned area should now always be A4 instead of the complete possible scanner range.

News from 23.04.2014


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