Setup Version 10.1.9

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New :

Changes :

  • The setting "very thick" for the thickness of the signature strokes will now result in slightly thinner strokes. The old behavior resulted in unreadable signatures in most cases.

Bugfixes :

  • If "signotec Content Signing" is used the thickness of the signature strokes does no longer depend on the height of the signature. Therefore the stroke thickness is more reliable.
  • he automatic pad configuration will now display the pad configuration dialog as intended (instead of a misleading error message) in case the configured pad is disconnected but still more than one pad is connected.
  • The new SignLib2 required some changes to the form mode of the pdf viewer. (See SignLib2 changes below for details.)
  • Under some circumstances signoSign/2 did not get into the foreground after a document was "printed" to it using the "signotec PDF Creator". This bug has been fixed. In addition some old debug code and debug log entries have been removed.
  • SignLib2: Some bugs regarding the form mode have been fixed:

    • Text fields using a standard font can now be filled with special chars.
    • Two or more fields using the same name will now share the content again.
    • Check Boxes and Radio Buttons are working as intended again.

News from 04.12.2014


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