Connecting a Sigma with an internal USB2Serial-converter to a Terminal Server via a Thin Client from Axel technology
Video from our partner Ambir in the USA which explains the Signature-Pad installation including signoSign/2
Ambir demonstrates how to use signoSign/2 along with Quickbooks to sign invoices

Ambir shows how to use and configure reusable document types and automatic signature field positioning (without sound)

Ambir shows how to use the Slideshow Manager (without sound)
Ambir shows how to convert a Word Document to PDF and sign it (without sound)

Ambir shows how to sign an existing PDF Document (without sound)
Ambir shows how to sign a MS Word Document with the signoImager/2 (without sound)

Computime Webinar 2013 - CEO Arne Brandes presenting signotecs products and USP's
Raifeisen Bausparkasse integrated the Sigma pad (Czech)

High- quality signature capturing to support elections and issue passports (Tanzania / East Africa)
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