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Sigplex is...

a trading name of Astral Informatics Limited for sole distribution of "Signotec" products in the UK. Sigplex brings a cutting edge e-signature solution for Corporates and businesses, Government entities, Education sector and even individuals.

Our company applies years of experience to help our customers successfully implement their e-business, web site and hosting requirements. We work in partnership with businesses to ensure that their e-business strategy can beatt ained through ensuring that their website meets their requirements.

Astral Informatics Limited, who has been serving with its various services and products for nearly half of the decade years now. Astral has excelled in the area of providing most customised administrative tools to education industry in the UK. Astral has gained sheer experience in providing web services to placement companies, solicitors, restaurants, hotels and colleges. Astral offers various SEO campaigns to start up businesses for emarketing of their products and services.

Astral is now charged to present you the product of Signotech in the name of “Sigplex”. Sigplex aims to bring a new definition of signature on personal, official or legal documents in an electronic format. You can learn more about Sigplex by clicking on this link – Products

Signotec was founded ...

Signotec was founded ...in 2000. As a result of its early recognition of the importance of electronic signatures Signotec has been fortunate to be able to grow rapidly and profitably, year after year from 2000 well into the present. Regarding a strongly international growing market, the Signotec founded in January 2010 the Signotec solutions GmbH. The new subsidiary located in Austria nearby Graz is responsible for the customers in South and Eastern Europe.

To our knowledge...

..Signotec is the only company which provides the techniques, tools and training for forensic document examiners to authenticate electronic signatures in a court of law.

Our IP and product portfolio...

...are unique in the field of business, allowing electronic signatures to be truly legally binding.

Because we are privately owned…

Because we are privately owned… ...and closely-connected, Signotec can pay its attention solely to our customers and their needs. Rather than being depended on the current market conditions Signotec has always been committed to fulfilling the promises given to our customers. Companies and individuals that rely on our promises, include hundreds of thousands of individual end-users and thousands of corporations of all sizes, dozens of which are large, well-known companies.

Made in Germany

Made in Germany It is evident, that quality is always achieved by first-class working conditions and sensible wage regulation. It is also the result of sound education and training, fair payment and highly motivated employees. Our products, which satisfy high security and environmental standards, never fail to surpass the products of our competitors. These factors are always welcomed by our customers all over the world. Because of that job positions of our employees are secure.

Our IP and product portfolio...

...provides both hardware and software. Both are made in Germany and they are always compatible. With Signotec there is no risk that hardware and software from different suppliers would be incompatible with each other or with the operating system in the future.

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