Setup Version 10.2.16

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New :

  • The translation into Slovak language has been overhauled. Nearly all missing translations have been added.
  • It is now possible to create self-signed certificates with a key length of 4096 Bit.
  • The main window does now store the width of the sidebar if signoSign/2 is closed. This width will be restored if signoSign/2 is opened again.
  • It is now possible to configure the alignment of signature additions (timestamp and/or additional information) per document type and/or per signature field (only if configured in the document type administration). Left (default), centered and right aligned are possible.

Changes :

  • Due to new security requirements signoSign/2 does no longer accept certificates with a key length of only 1024 Bit. If in the selection dialog a certificate is chosen with a key length lower than 2048 Bit the OK button will not be enabled. Also it is no longer possible to create a self-signed certificate with less than 2048 Bit. However, already configured 1024 Bit certificates will remain valid until another certificate will be configured.
  • The "log viewer window" does now display the log files using the non-proportional font "Courier".
  • The behavior of the three signature field settings "Time stamp in signature", "Color of signature additions" and "Alignment of signature additions" has been changed. The settings per field have now a new value "Use global setting" (new default value). The area "Signature field settings" has been renamed to "Global signature field settings". The settings in this area still will be used for signature fields already contained in the document and for those that are created on the fly (mouse) but will now also be used for those field settings set to "Use global setting". The note in the top area was therefore no longer necessary and has therefore been removed.
  • Please note: Already existing document types will NOT be converted. Therefore any existing signature field definitions will remain untouched with individual settings for each and every option.

Bugfixes :

  • The "log viewer window" does no longer crash if a log file exists with a user or machine name in its name.
  • The log viewer window will now ignore log files with manually edited names. Please note: These log files will not be displayed in the log viewer window.
  • signoSign/2 did check if the configured signing certificate exists and asked for the certificates password (if not stored in signoSign/2) even if "Always signature device" was selected for the RSA mode. This bug has been fixed.
  • signoSign/2 did check if the configured certificate for encrypting the biometric data exists and asked for the certificates password (if not stored in signoSign/2) even if "Always signature device" was selected for the RSA mode and "Exchange certificate of the signature device" was deactivated. This bug has been fixed.
  • All controls regarding the "Certificate file" (biometric data) in the configuration dialog will now be disabled if "Mode" is set to "Always signature device" and "Exchange certificate of the signature device" is deactivated.
  • If "Mode" of the biometric data certificate is set to "Always signature device", "Exchange certificate of the signature device" is deactivated and the current configured certificate is invalid this will now be ignored since the certificate file is not needed in this case. The text box will no longer receive a red border and leaving the configuration dialog using the OK button will be possible.
  • The line breaks of the input of multiline edit fields will now be converted from windows style (rn) to mac style (r) line breaks. Therefore there will be no more leading unprintable characters.
  • Inserting images automatically does now work with relative positioning.


  • Bugfix: PDF/A-2b documents signed using "signotec Content Signing" could violate the PDF/A requirements due to a exceeded string length. This bug has been fixed. Please note: A new version of the RSA-Verifier is required in order to check any signatures created with this version. (This also applies to not PDF/A documents!)
  • Bugfix: Texts filled into form fields could be rendered using (not fitting) standard fonts instead of the configured true type font if some special characters are used. This bug has been fixed.
  • Bugfix: If a BS Tag (border style) is defined for a form field but no color is assigned for that border this border should not be drawn according to PDF specs. The SignLib2 did draw this border each time the appearance stream was refreshed using a black color. This bug has been fixed.

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