Setup Version 10.0.76

No important note

New :

  • STPadLibNet: New version
  • tabloc2: New build included that runs with a new STPadLibNet (-> now compatible with Alpha pad).
  • Internal: The XML information assigned to each signature now contains a information about the used hash algorithm for H1 and H2. (Applies only if RSA capable signotec pads are used.)

Changes :

  • Many missing field checks have been added to the dialog to create a new certificate.
  • The new option to include only the information of the end certificate in the certificate chain information introduced in the last version has been removed in this version again since it had no effect at all.
  • The Debug logging was enhanced. If Window.Activate() fails it now logs the name of the foreground process.
  • The translation into the Czech language has been updated.
  • The selection lists to choose a printer in the configuration and the document type administration now allows selecting "Default printer". By selecting this value the Microsoft Windows default printer will be used.

Bugfixes :

  • A bug in the parsing of the "Signature Info" xml data has been fixed.
  • The error message “The entered text was too long for the selected area” of the "Create note" feature was replaced by a default error message. This bug has been fixed.
  • Sending an e-mail via SMTP was canceled as finished immediately. Therefore there was no warning that this sending would be canceled upon closing the application. This bug has been fixed
  • Signing protected PDF documents is not possible with signoSign/2. Such document will therefore now be opened in read only mode and a message will be issued to the user.

News from 27.02.2014 Last updated 03.03.2014


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