Setup Version 10.0.59

This version will not work with the Plug-Ins! Plug-Ins will work until setup verion 10.0.56.

New :

  • If values of variables will be used for names of files or folders special unallowed characters will now be replaced by underscores.
  • Any settings made in the window to create notes will now be stored for further uses.
  • If a document was changed after the last signature (incremental change which does not render the document invalid!) a pop up will now come up informing the user of this. The pop up does not interrupt the application or it's usability in any way and will automatically fade out after 5 seconds.
  • signoSign/2 does now fully support the RSA capabilities of the signotec signature pads:
    • The configuration section "Settings for Adobe-compliant DigSig fields" of the configuration window has been changed accordingly.
    • The certificate for encrypting the biometric data can now also be a CER-Certificate.
  • It is now possible to configure a custom text which will be printed at the configured position on every page starting with the second copy.
  • The user defined application in which the archived document can automatically be opened can now be configured in more detail. It is now possible to configure custom parameters and also use configured placeholders for this.

Changes :

  • The options previously found in the "Mode" menu have been merged to the "Edit" menu and rearranged to provide a better usability. In addition the icon for the "Create signature fields" mode has been slightly modified.
  • The behavior of the pad configuration in case two pads were assigned caused some confusion and was therefore modified. If the first pad was assigned as second pad the pads were switched. The same applies now if the second pad will be assigned as first.
  • Some signature settings have new default values:
    • Signature alignment: left
    • Signature color: blue
    • Origin of time of signature: SNTP, if possible
  • Icon for the Setup has changed
  • Name for the setup is modified to 32- and 64-Bit

Bugfixes :

  • If a printer with a long name (more than 30 characters) was preselected in the document type administration this printer was not used due to a length limitation of the used Windows API structure. This bug has been fixed. (Was reported for Citrix-Environment but was general bug instead.)
  • If an email address did not contain a "@" character the validation could take some time (up to 20 seconds). This has been fixed.
  • If a printer is preselected in the document type administration but no longer present a document of this type is opened an error message was displayed every time the document should be printed (leaving the user with no way to print the document using another printer). This has been changed. Now the print dialog will be opened instead of the error message.
  • Depending on the OS version and other circumstances the messages in the status bar regarding sent emails could be wrong or unsynchronized. This has been fixed.

News from 04.06.2013 Last updated : 12.06.2013


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