signoSign/Logistic is a program for hand-written signatures via a Pen-Pad for large stacks of documents. This solution is used wherever large amounts of electronic receipts such as delivery or transport notes arise that need to be signed by various people. The program is controlled only via the pad and is in the Windows System Tray (location for active programs).


It is used, for example, in truck loading. Software such as SAP or similar creates delivery notes. These delivery notes are saved in PDF format in a directory. signoSign/Logistic controls this directory and automatically displays new documents on the screen.

The relevant information is displayed on the path for the person collecting the goods. He must confirm these on the pad, for example via a button, and only then is it possible to sign:


The 2nd screen then appears, requesting a signature:


  • Complete program control via the Pen-Pad.
  • Display of relevant PDF information on the display of the SignPad.
  • No changes required to existing software.
  • Interactions via the pad are freely selectable.
  • Jumping and resetting documents.
  • Free positioning of the buttons and their display on the pad.
  • Dynamic signature positioning, no static position specifications.
  • Automatic printing.
  • Automatic printing on alternative printer.
  • The file name of the signed document can be taken from the contents of the document (e.g. delivery note number).
  • Integrated FTP watchdog for transferring the signed documents.
  • Comprehensive protocolling of the events.

Who uses it?

The Veltins brewery for loading beer and empties.

The Knauf Gips AG company for loading trucks.


... and others besides ...

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