Advantages of Securing Digital Documents

Many companies today are still stuck in the paper world when it comes to regulated documents. With the constant barrage in the news about hackers and concerns over digital insecurity, you might think that paper documents are more secure.

Approximately, only 20 to 30 percent businesses have moved toward a paperless working environment, and required a reliable digital document management platform.

Advantages of Securing Digital Documents

      • Reliable Backups
      • Increased Security & Control
      • Improved Timeliness
      • Increased Efficiency & File Management
      • More Consistent Content
      • Review and test


Regardless of format, information needs to be secured. Sigplex provides a secure platform to protect your digital documents by electronic signature on all type of format. Use any of our signature capture devices, Sigma, Omega, Gamma, Delta, Kappa and Alpha with varieties of software to choose from, as per your requirement.

Benefits of Digital Document Management

Reliable Backups: It is a mandatory requirement to be able to produce original and readable copies of records and having a strong backup solution in place is important. Once your data has been digitised, you can easily create backup copies to store off-site. This also ensures that your business will survive any disaster.

Increased Security & Control: Have adequate security and control over who can retrieve your information is imperative. By moving your documents to the cloud, you can set permissions to each document and folder and clearly identify who retrieved what documents & when.

Improved Timeliness: The Staff that works either in the office or from remote locations can gain instant access to the documentation that they may require. Digital document management also makes it easier for files to be shared and transferred between companies.

Increased Efficiency & File Management: The document management process also offers massive productivity improvements for your staff. Rather than digging through filing cabinets to find cagey information, one can simply search for the information from the computer. Once the digital documents are found, you can print a copy or just read it on screen.

More Consistent Content: Ensuring that content is consistently formatted, named and controlled is not easy. Digitising the documents using signature capture devices allows you track the changes made on document.

Review and test: Security is never-ending, so review, test, and revise on a regular basis.

And never forget to revoke someone’s credentials when they are no longer an employee.  Keep your documents and information secure. Improve your productivity. And make sure you get to court on

Digital storage is the future of business. Quickly create a complete digital library of all your important business documents, and rest assured that in the event of a disaster your data is safe.

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How to Capture Digital Signature

Tired of printing, signing and then scanning or faxing documents that need your signature?

In today’s digital world there are better and more efficient ways to sign documents than ink on paper. Creating a digital signature and adding it to a Word, Excel and PDF documents is easy.

Let just start with introducing the difference between electronic signature and digital signature. For all that they sound alike, however, they are two different things. An electronic signature is simply an image of your signature added to a document while a digital signature is encrypted data that proves the document came from you. For some purposes, a simple electronic signature will be fine, but for more important documents, a secure digital signature is highly recommended. Electronically signing documents offers the convenience and digital signature security options necessary to create legally binding documents with the signature capture devices.

Capturing the Digital Signature

If you wish to add your signature to a Word, Excel document or PDF, the first step is buying a signature capture device or digital writing pad and installing the proper software that fulfills all your requirements. Sigplex provides the best signature capture devices and the compatible software for the same. The product range starts from being Non-LCD, LCD as well as A4 tablets. All our devices are USB plug and play, unless you you require serial cable, that are also available for all devices.

  • Plug the Signature Device or digital writing pad into the USB socket on your Desktop or laptop (OS – Windows). All our devices are compatible for signing on Word, Excel and PDF document.
  • We have free software to sign on MS-Office. The software allows you to save the signature with timestamp in an image format and upload it in your document or directly sign on the Word document.
  • We have many paid software, and our recommended software with get encrypted signature for legal documents will be SignoSign/2. It PDF creator that allows you add new text fields as well as add any number of signature fields in the document.
  • After you have plugged in and installed the desired software in your desktop or laptop, you are ready to sign on your document.

As technology improves and more industries move to sophisticated digital and mobile methodology, the use of physical paper documents continues to diminish. Several advantages exist for industries and organisations that employ the digital signature-capturing technology.

Digital Signature 2019 Trends

The global digital signature market has been growing consistently over the past few years and is expected to grow even further. The ability to sign documents electronically is no longer seen as a mere contrivance anymore. The worldwide use of digital signatures has grown at a intense rate.  The increasing use of digital signatures and signature capture devices to eliminate fraud, promote technological innovations and enhanced data integrity, scalability, and reliability are driving this market growth.One should have the ability to electronically sign documents on your desktop, mobile device, and even when offline. By letting users sign digitally from virtually anywhere, users get their documents signed in under 30 seconds by their customers, partners, and employees. It is a time and cost saver solution that allows one to close several contracts simultaneously, regardless of the device or location.

Digital Signature Trends 2019

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    • Cutting edge e-signature solution
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A High Security Solution

As the incidents of fraud and data breaches torment today’s digital businesses; the enterprises are looking to more advanced authentication and encryption options to validate the identity of participants in a digital transaction.

So these days the digital signature platform has to be compliant with the necessary security measures. With a proper digital signature provider, one gets absolute control over the e-signature workflow and document tracking. Check whether it includes an audit trail and password protected e-signing.

Cost effectiveness compared to the traditional pen and paper method

Digital signatures also have long been acknowledged as both legally binding and court admissible, providing stronger evidence and reducing the risk of legal disputes. So it is no surprise that enterprises across all sectors are switching from traditional paperwork to e-signing platforms.

The problem with physical documents is that having to redo just one signature can cost a company the same price as printing out an entire new document. An e-signature solution fixes errors faster and at a lower price. The concept of a digital signature and digital writing pad is not something really new or unusual. On the contrary, nowadays, this is a common tool for document management and processing. That is the reason it very cost effective to pay for digital signature capture devices once off and reduce the recurring stationary expenses.

Cutting edge e-signature solution

Sigplex provide all organisations with the expertise to sell, manage, integrate, plan, and implement digital signature solutions for customers within the UK. Sigplex aims to bring a new definition of signature on personal, official or legal documents in an electronic format. We offer products with high quality standards and requirements at all times and further, help our customers deciding the e-signature software and hardware, best suiting your business.

LCD Signature Pad Sigma with Backlight Impresses with Specs and Prices

The electronic signature capture device named Sigma by signotec is being marketed as the brother of popular digital signature pads Omega. This LCD signature pad with backlight is a German-made device. The design is compact with 160x120x10mm ratio, which makes the device quite easy to carry. As it is a signature pad, the most vital aspect is to score in terms of the active signing area and this digital signature solution impresses with 100x500mm measurement of the same.The display is of 4 inches and it can showcase any graphic up to 320×160 pixel. Text display comes with unlimited fonts and sizes whereas the navigation feature is easy with scroll functions, active buttons and unlimited screens.

Signature Pad Sigma with Backlight
LCD Signature Pad Sigma with Backlight belongs to such e signature pad that provide USB connectivity without any requirement of installation. If the pen is not working for some reasons, then it can be easily replaced as well. In addition, the scratch resistant surface of the sensor adds up to the utility factor of this electronic signature capture device.If the above specifications seem to be impressive then you can opt for LCD Signature Pad Sigma with Backlight among many other available esignature devices.

LCD Signature Pad Sigma without Backlight – Apt for Capturing Signatures

LCD Signature Pad Sigma without backlight is not different with the one that comes with backlight in terms of specifications. This is a bit cheaper because of the no backlight aspect. This is regarded and a little brother of one of the renowned e signature pads, Omega. Those who have used the digital signature pad claim that Sigma has unbeatable ratio of price and performance. Due to the compact design with 160x120x10mm dimensions, the device is apt capturing signatures on the go.

Signature Pad Sigma without backlight

Signature Pad Sigma

Signotec not only developed this digital signature solution but also developed compatible drivers, electronics, firmware and applications. All these factors make the usage smooth.

The sensor of Sigma with its robust surface allows capturing signature for many years, which is an advantage among many digital signature devices. Many people, while putting their signature, unintentionally touches the surface of the pad with the heel of their hand. LCD Signature Pad Sigma eliminates such malfunctioning possibility as the signatures can be placed by using only a pen.

The display of text and graphics is fantastic with 320×160 pixels resolution. In addition to that, the users can be informed about the device’s status with its dual lamps that are programmable freely.

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