How Electronic Signatures Can Help Photographers

One of the best ways to outshine your small photo business is to use these automated and digital solutions. For example, if you digitally track your documents, you don’t have to do paperwork so you can focus on your photography. In addition, you can email digital documents directly to your customers, including legal documents that will act as a legal proof.

By digitizing your documents, you can email the customer any legal documents in a published format. In my opinion, this has three main advantages that really help your company. You don’t have to send out a contract and the customer doesn’t have to send it back, physically. With a digital signature, the customer can sign and return the document almost immediately. The contracts can be quickly created using eSignatures in Word and PDF formats.

Motives of government for legalizing eSignatures:

  • Ensuring Online Document signing is legally binding
  • Making contracts process faster and efficiently
  • Mandating accurate record keeping for protecting consumers

You can upload documents, specify signature locations (or provide one signature at the end) and send contracts through email. With a simple dashboard you can track the status of all outgoing and incoming contracts. Do you know, some of the interesting features of a digital signature for Photographers includes fax signatures for recipients who prefer to sign by hand, and an additional level of verification that allows you to ask the recipient for a password that you provide or other personal information, such as the last four digits of their personal identification number.

Our handy templates help you instantly prepare documents. With digital signatures as well as with other eSignature solutions you can sign documents and authenticate the signer. In addition, some industries support specific standards based on digital signature technology. Only the section dealing with the choice of law would become invalid and the rest of the agreement would be enforceable.

As per the court rulings, following documents require an electronic signature which is important in a photography business:

  • Emails
  • Documents Signed with an e-Pen
  • Accepting EULA – End-User Licence Agreement
  • Signing an Online Documents


This contract serves as a sample approval, which grants the photographer the irrevocable right, the photos in any form and in all media and in any way, without any restriction regarding changes or modifications, for advertising, trade, sales promotion, exhibition or advertising to use for other lawful purposes. The photographer can leave the images to third parties for use. All usage fees and credits for the images remain the property of the Photographer.

When high resolution digital files are purchased, written approval is provided with those files. The release grants the customer the right to reproduce the images provided only for personal use and does not allow the photos to be changed, sold or published. The customer further agrees not to deliver any images to any third party without the written permission of the Photographer.

Go ahead and make your business faster with the implementation of eSignatures. Reduce the time spent in signing lengthy contracts. Quickly create documents using eSignature in word and pdf formats. For more info write to us at

Business Improvement In Logistics Industry Using e Signature

Since long the businesses worldwide have gone digital. This digital world demands flexibility and responsiveness to ease the work procedures and reduce paper load. The logistics industry awaits such solution that simultaneously allows them to get the paperwork done online without any problem or delay. For the logistics industry it is important for them to make the distribution process faster. Every business that transacts online or offline needs documentation that can verify the transaction and on the same time validate its existence. Signing bill, invoices, and other routine yet important paperwork is very hectic and cause delay in the overall process of timely delivery. Physical documentation is not secure and can be forged anytime.

Logistics industry and the people working in it would be delighted to have something that truly abandons the hectic manual process of signing and validating thousands of documents every day. Well, technology makes it easier to do the documentation of each product which is supposed to be transported.

Why Logistics Industry need eSignature to Improve Business?

Type of Documents involving eSignatures in Logistics Industry

  • Bill of landing
  • Freight bill
  • Customer agreement
  • Certificate of origin
  • Cargo insurance certificate
  • Commercial invoice
  • Waybill form
  • Consignment Note (CMR)
  • Dangerous good declaration note
  • Packing list
  • Delivery note

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Every good that requires to be transported must go through the documentation process and follow the rules of transportation. Rules vary as per the area of work whether local, national or international. Then the local rules are different, states and national are different and for international processes it depends on the other country in question. Then there are signing authorities to approve these above documents.

Lower Cost

One a logistics company moves to eSignature, they simply cut down the cost of paper, courier, shipping and storage of these documents.

Efficient and Productive

Once a company get the eSignature they can easily create, sign and send documents without the need of physical media. It reduces cost, times and the hours of processing of documents when you need to find a particular. So, your focus would simply be on doing more business.

Accurate Document Tracking

As opposed to physical courier media the online documents cannot be lost, first thing first. Secondly, the records can be tracked as to who signed and who didn’t, it also include other important details.

Smooth Customer Experience

The clients get the safety and ease of signing documents through a device while they can also keep a track of their documents without worrying about any losses of information or documentation. On the contrary the eSignatures secure documents thereby ensuring the clients that their data is safe and secured with the use of eSignatures.

Go Paperless and be environmentally friendly

No paper no physical presence makes things less bulky and all accessible at once. Be the change maker and inspire people and business to go green as much as they can with the implementation of eSignatures in their businesses.

Stay ahead of your competition and save time of your employees, associates and clients by switching to the eSignature for the logistics industry. The need for digital transformation of the logistics industry comes with the need for speedy, accurate and timely delivery. All this is possible with the use of the right technology. To know more on how we can help you implement eSignatures in you business write to us at

Electronic Signature Contract Signing In Sports Industry

The sports industry is probably the most dynamic in the world. With hundreds and thousands of teams and even more fans, it just stands out. Furthermore, with the broadcasting and sponsorship deals, a lot of money has started flowing in the industry. Moreover, the player transfers, fan demands and sponsorship deals create a lot of mess throughout the season. You definitely know what this is about if you’re a part of the industry. But, what if all of this could be done online? With digital signatures, all the contract deals and contract signing can be done online. Here’s how

Electronic Signature In Word

The normal norm in the industry is to send a contract to the concerned party to get it signed. Furthermore, this takes at least a week to get done with. Moreover, with an electronic signature in word contract signing can be done instantly. Contract deals won’t be a fuss anymore. Be it player contracts or sponsors, they all come under this roof. In addition, this will save you time and money, both of which are extremely precious in the industry.

The Industry Is Changing

As the money has poured in the denomination of millions the industry has changed. Moreover, sponsors followed by teams are ready to throw any amount of money for what they want. In such a scenario making your moves quickly is very important. For instance, if you’re signing a player in France from the UK but another team from France is after him, you’ll have an advantage with an electronic signature in word as no one will have to fly over with a contract. There can be many such contract deals you’ll want to win.

Advantages Of Contract Signing Online

  • Firstly, the process is super quick and easy for the concerned parties
  • Next, it gives you an edge over your competitors
  • Furthermore, this also eases the stress out on your employees who normally have to run around to get a signature
  • Lastly, you will be among the first ones to get to the new age.

Most importantly, moving ahead with technology is important. Be it in the sports industry or any other. If you choose not to adopt something new, you might fall short of your competitors. In the same vein, adopting digital signature is very important. Contract signing can be a piece of cake with it. Furthermore, there are way too many advantages for you to ignore this change. Moreover, if you want to get a digital signature Sigplex is the one you’re looking for. We’ll get you the best service at the best prices. All you have to do is get in touch with Sigplex.

Benefits Of Electronic Signatures For Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are one of the most competitive industries out there. Moreover, they’re always looking to add new customers. Furthermore, almost everyone has insurance. But, in today’s age, it’s a bit difficult to sell your product in person or on call. However, selling something online is equally easy. In case of getting insurance this hasn’t happened yet. It sounds absurd to sign documents online. But there’s a cache.

Electronic Signature In Word

The simple way to sign documents online is by putting an electronic signature in word. It’s simple and easy. Furthermore, all you need is a digital signature. From the perspective of Insurance companies, this can be a huge shift. To be honest, no one wants to die a dinosaur. Digital signature in word or in any other form is a reality. It doesn’t sound that absurd now, right? The thing is simple if you have an Insurance company you need to get an electronic signature. If you don’t someone else will. Sooner or later Insurance will be sold online. Moreover, some startups are already doing that. This is the right time to get an electronic signature before it’s too little too late.

New Generation Sign Documents Online

The most common thing you can make out about the millennials is that they want to order everything from their couch. In the case of Insurance companies the first ones to get online will gain a lot. Just think about the number of people who are too lazy to go out and get insurance. Every one of them can be your customer. Moreover, the first step to that will be to get an electronic signature in word.

Advantages Of Electronic Signature For Insurance Company

  • Firstly, it makes the process to sign documents online very fast
  • Next, the possibility of having any errors is minimized
  • Also, it increases the ability of employees to work more
  • Gives you an edge over your competitors
  • Lastly, it reduces paperwork.

A Digital signature in word can change the fortunes of your Insurance company. Furthermore, it will also prepare you for the coming generations and get you a step ahead of the rest of the companies. Moreover, it’s the right revolution to be a part of. You’ll be the best in the business when your customers sign documents online. All in all, it’s a win-win for any insurance company on the planet to get an electronic signature.

Benefits Of Digital Signature For High Tech Companies

Today’s world is very connected. From smartphones to live streaming platforms, it’s all in our palms. Furthermore, the world is ruled by the tech giants that develop this technology. Moreover, time is money in our world. But, contract negotiations and business deals have been the same. One of the most important things for a tech company is to create electronic or e-signature in word. Here’s why.

Time And Money With E-Signature In Word

One of the best reasons to add a digital signature to a word is because it’ll save time and money. More importantly, as a tech company, it’ll add to your reputation. When you sign contracts online and make your clients do the same it’ll definitely save a lot of time and money. It also upholds the tag of a tech company in front of your clients. Anyways, time is money in the tech industry. Furthermore, create electronic signature in word also prepares you for the coming future. As the younger generations take office, everything is going to be online. Preparing your company beforehand can turn out to be a really smart move in the future.

Benefits of Digital Signature For High Tech Companies

  • Absolute Security
  • One of the best features of a digital signature is added security. The document cannot tamper after it has been signed. Adding on, this is a great addition for a tech company anyway.

  • Accepted Globally
  • The global tech industry accepts digital signatures. This should be a great reason to create electronic signature in word for you.

  • Long Term Access
  • Access to a digital signature is for the long term. Same for a digitally signed document.

  • Cannot Be Altered

Lastly, Alteration of a digital signature is impossible. Furthermore, we at Sigplex offer you the best deals to add digital signature to word.

E-Signature In Word Makes You Stand Out

One of the best things about this is that your company will stand out. Moreover, there are tech companies on every street nowadays. Furthermore, hundreds of them are working in the same field. The competition among them is very tough. An e-signature in word makes you stand out. Not a lot of tech companies are doing this at the moment. With one very simple and easy step, you can get ahead of a huge chunk of them.

Succeeding in the tech world is a challenge in itself. Furthermore, little things can make a big difference. Be it an e-signature in word or a client. To be the best in business you need to make these little things fall in place. Moreover, Sigplex is the best service provider to get an e-signature today.

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