Use of Electronic Signature in Recruitment Industry

Recruitments Services Industry falls under the top ten fastest growing industries around the world. In current times small to big corporations are dependent on the Recruitment Agencies in search of reliable and efficient human resource of all types, right from full time to part time and even on contracts. Statistics from the previous year’s progress suggests that there has been a fair growth of overall 10% in the recruitment market globally. Although many things have changed, but the customs and processes remain similar since the age of physical recruitment systems inception.

The internet era has seen a huge shift in the previous process of applying for jobs physically through newspaper to the current digital times. Where even a right tweet via twitter or a good connection in LinkedIn could land one on the job they have been dreaming of. This remains the interface of the overall process but the backend of the recruitment, scrutiny and the on-boarding compliances are still dealing with the physical documentation which is time taking, confusing and expensive.

Apart from making recruitment and orientation a tedious process, physical documentation is a patch of old times on the face of modern processes. Which has moved signing each and every document to Electronic Signatures for Recruiters. There are many solutions which are integrated with the Electronic signatures in the recruitment process to make the complete task easier and quicker for both the recruiters and recruits.

HR Professionals using eSignatures is trending now a days as it streamlines the whole recruitment process, saving time and money while making candidates work faster and better.

Another advantage of the eSignatures in recruitment industry is its environmental friendliness. It reduces and moreover removes the use by making recruiting, on-boarding and other relevant activities paperless.

Digital workflow caters to a whole new array of advantages such as making it error-free thereby ensuring better compliance and authorization. The experience of every stakeholder is positive and also meets the overall demand of the global recruitment industry.

Here are a few ways in which in-house and recruitment agency can implement eSignatures for making their recruitment, compliance and authorization processes better:

  • Offer Letters, Contracts and Bonds
  • Using the eSignatures in the recruitment industry has reduced the process of printing, signing, scanning, mailing, etc., and simplified everything in between. Digital Onboarding has made it easier to ensure compliances and apply without a hassle.

  • Terms and Conditions of business between agency and organisation
  • Usually the copies of contract and terms of business are circulated seeking the response from clients. With the help of eSignatures it is simpler for everyone and no more lengthy documents are printed just for maintaining formality of the documentation.

  • Employee Handbooks
  • New recruits and existing employees need to refer to the complete employee handbook to ensure that they have read it. In digital format the employee can read and digitally sign the document by ensuring that the document has been read and signed after understanding it.

  • Authorization forms for Payroll and Direct Deposits
  • The eSignatures in the recruitment system also aims to update the employee details for payment to their respective bank accounts. The system keeps record of the due information and ensures that every employee receives their salary on time on their first pay-out.

  • Enrolling for Pensions
  • The system also ensures that the employees are enrolled for pension under the government norms thereby streamlining administration and ensuring better compliance for the pension system.

  • Managing Timesheets
  • Electronic Signature system in recruitment is an example of a good manager who keeps a track of all your resources and their huge timelines while maintaining every information required to ensure better performance and appraisals with time and results.

Sigplex offers a wide range of technology solutions for every business industry and eSignature for Recruiting firms has been a remarkable product which has resulted in the best client satisfaction ratio. It has streamlined 100s of businesses saving them millions from their overheads with better cost and efficiency.

Digital Signature Maker Tools

Signing a lengthy document is a tedious process. You create, format, print, sign, scan and sometimes reformat it for several changes. Physical documents are difficult to manage as they incur material cost along with logistics to ensure the objective of a document is fulfilled by sending and receiving again and again to finally close a contract. It may be simple for several people but others require consistent focus on several important things. To relieve professionals, entrepreneurs, organizations and institutions from this tedious process, Sigplex brings you Digital Signature Maker Tools. It allows you to take the technological advantage by removing physical documentation barriers. One can simply use these devices to reduce time, cost and energy to ease the documentation process.

Organizations worldwide understand the benefits of Digital Writing Pads and Digital Signature Capture Devices. Globally, the eSignature transactions have experienced an immense growth thereby stating the importance of these devices for reducing time, cost and energy involved in creating traditional documentation/contracts with respect to current trends of eSignature.

Electronic Signature is a digital mark of a contract or agreement For example: Courier services usually send their representatives with a device where in one can sign on the screen of that Signature Capture Device while receiving the courier. There could be several other examples of your interaction with a Digital Signature Capture Device.

Digital Signature softwares collect and store these signatures allowing you to present and process them whenever needed. It is legally binding and a secured means of contracting for the ease of all the parties involved in the process. These devices give you the mobility and the technological advantage to ensure the focus is more on operations rather than the preparation of the same.

Digital Writing Pads are simple and easy to use for creating Digital Signatures with the help of the software. It is a comprehensive solution to create digital & electronic signatures, manage and maintain contracts and documents while allowing safe storage of signatures. It comes with customized solutions for giant corporate as well as small businesses. It can be easily understood by anyone to implement thereby simplifying the overall process of signature and contract documentation.

Companies are adapting to the digital trends to simply avoid the shocks of physical documentation while making it easier to share, authenticate and validate documents with other parties. It allows safe transactions by reducing the risk of duality or alteration to any documents associated thereby ensuring advanced and genuine electronic signatures, documents and their management for current as well as future transactions. To know more about electronic signature devices and how you can implement it within your organization connect with us at

The world is moving on to the next best things of future, choose the best for your organization and move ahead towards the future of documentation with our advanced Writing Pads or Digital Signature Capture Devices backed by secured software platform for a wonderful Signature experience.

Top Industries That Require Digital Signature Devices

Every organization big, medium or small needs a tool that can simplify their documentation process. A tool that makes it faster to draft, create, edit, authorize and finalize the documentation process in order to finish contract process faster. Across the industries, within various segments organizations are adapting to digital and electronic signature devices to minimize project timelines, save on various costs, and automate documentation procedure.

With time we have catered to various industries across several domains to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Here is a brief about which industry can be benefited with these devices and how we have applied our technologies for convenient operations.

Top Industries That Require Digital Signature

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Electronic Signatures in 2019

  • Finance and Insurance
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Architecture, Engineering and Civil

  1. Finance and Insurance
  2. Constant documentation and signature instances in the financial and related services makes this industry a prime client of these secured electronic signature devices. In certain cases, where the operations require on site signature and service activation, digital signature and input devices makes it really simple to close down the deal instantly without any delay in documentation processing.

  3. Healthcare and Life Sciences
  4. Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, drugs and medicine manufacturers are always looking forward to stay aware of the industry norms, regulations and standards set by the administration organizations regarding protection and privacy policy in order to keep consumer data, management of electronic documents, and their requirements.

    Documents can be easily secured through password protection or encryption.

  5. Architecture, Engineering and Civil
  6. Various design companies have been benefited through our digital and electronic signature input devices. Reduced paper waste and the documentation preparation time leads to shorten project timelines and reduce overhead costs. Even huge documents now boast the functionality of been transferred in seconds from professionals to the clients and vice versa making it easier to take decisions and implement suggestions in real time. Even the land acquisition and transfer process has seen massive development as far as the contract turnaround time and documentation preparation and signing in concerned.

In almost a decade, electronic documentation has seen an immense growth across several industries. It is getting easier to become environment friendly and reduce carbon footprints while keeping the documents secured, compact and within reach, from anywhere. Many industries have transformed their documentation processes redefining the technological age while enjoying its benefits.

In the current age of economizing the operations and to cut down on overheads, switching to digital or electronic signature input devices is no more a challenge with Sigplex’s Digital Signature Capture devices. To know more about the exclusive devices and to understand their impact on your business, write to us at

The Future for Legal Documents eSignatures

Consider a situation in near future where a big corporate is looking forward to a merger or a change in its structure, where the pile of paperwork to be signed is replaced by the ease of simple eSignatures. Instead of having ‘Sign Here’ mentioned on every page parties can simply sign the document by entering their secure and encrypted signatures using an electronic pad. Yes, along with this ease there are several other impacts of eSignatures on the future as it is fast, legal, convenient and secure.

With a randomness ratio of 1:62 Billion, eSignatures are going to replace all the hectic paperwork and the burden of preparing, managing and keeping them safe. Before eSignatures came into existence every document was prepared, signed, shipped, faxed, mailed, scanned and filed as per the requirement of the parties involving multiple steps of processing, making it more time consuming, costly and inconvenient with the possibility of human error making it more complex.

Can Electronic Signature be the future of Legal Documents?

Find the complete details for reasons your business to use
Electronic Signatures in 2019

  • Faster Contract Pace
  • Secured Future
  • Cost Effective

Let’s have a look at advantages of eSignatures:

  1. Faster Contract Pace
  2. With the advent of this advanced and secured means of legitimizing the documents it has become easier and faster to close down contracts. Electronic signing allows no delay in signing the contract which could have aroused due to lack of availability of the signing authority or time. Many professionals do not have time and have to take care of a lot of things instead of just preparing or signing the contracts. Wherein the eSignatures allow:

    • Complete contract to be signed in one instant
    • More focus on the terms and critical issues
    • No geographic limitation, as electronic signatures can be done from anywhere anytime
  3. Secured Future
  4. Security is no more an issue in eSignatures as compared to papers that are prone to be faked or tampered. With eSignatures tomorrow is going to be secured ensuring reliable contracts with 1:62 Billion chances of randomness, which is almost negligible as per the experts.

  5. Cost Effective
  6. Although the cost is reduced due to the pace and convenience, eSignatures are more reliable when compared to the chances of human error, like signing mistakes, document exchange or terms of contract with the use of signature capture device which allows to add signature to ID Cards, forms, contracts, receipts and other paperwork. eSignatures avoid risks of getting faked and can easily recognize such instances of suspicious entries or compliance matters.
    While ensuring that everything is in order, eSignatures saves the cost of fixing issues that could have caused more damage to the contract which could have been avoided. And just to remind the associated costs with physical documents be it the raw material, logistics, physical damage risks, etc.

All in all eSignatures will secure the future of legal documents by providing you the advantage of integrating technology with the future contracts.

How Electronic Signature Devices Can Improve Your Business

Businesses are continuously hoping to improve and each department are offered mission to become more efficient. Electronic signature solution empowers you to surrender the conventional style of using paper and pen and advance towards a superior, improved method for signature. A paperless environment has been on the rise for quite some time now, especially for legal, government, and business documents.
There are various reasons why e-signatures are becoming the new favorite method of signing for businesses around the world. The benefits offered by e-signatures are plenty, here’s a look at some of the key benefits:

Can Electronic Signature Devices Improve Your Business?

Find the complete details for reasons your business to use
Electronic Signatures Devices in 2019

  • Simple and Easily Accessible
  • No More Piles of Paperwork
  • Escalate Security and Reliability
  • Huge Time and Cost Saving
  • Higher Client Satisfaction

  1. Simple and Easily Accessible

  2. If you have got a team that is spread across completely different locations within the country or globe, then you recognise the necessity and importance of seamless collaboration between all the parties. E-signatures devices build remote sign and document authentication attainable. An individual will be located halfway across the globe from you, and you will be able to still get documents signed by them at intervals minutes or seconds. No scanning the document, you will be able to get straight to sign with e-signatures devices and software.

  3. No More Piles of Paperwork

  4. It is no fun having to manage intensive amount of paperwork work on a routine. A great deal of profitable vitality and time are lost in dealing with the desk work, vitality and time that could be vastly improved spent somewhere else. The more administrative work you aggregate, the more extra room you have to stash everything. Anytime you have got to seek advice from a document, you would need to go through piles of papers so as to access that document.

    But with electronic signature devices and software, your documents can remain in digital form throughout their lifespan. They can be created online, signed online, and stored online. At no point will you need hard copies of the documents, which consequently means no paperwork to deal with.

  5. Escalate Security and Reliability

  6. Your paper archives are not as protected and safe as you may think. The file are inclined to get stolen, misplaced, destroyed, tampered with, and so many different threats. The electronic signature pads can offer reliable security and safety for the documents. This solution uses security protocols to send, receive, and store your electronic documents. It also facilitates encryptions as evidence to make certain more authenticity and credibility for the transactions.

  7. Huge Time and Cost Saving

  8. It is evident that taking signatures on paper-based documents get delayed due multiple issue, incorrect content, scanning, printing and many more. Using e-signatures devices, the complete process is often completed among minutes or seconds. It is worth noting that saving so much precious time in business may be immensely beneficial, which brings us to our next point.

    E-signatures facilitate in creating your business operations lots additional cost-friendly. It is the smart to save cost here and there that will eventually add up to make your business more profitable in the long run. The amount of cash spent on paper, or on different related things like printing, xeroxing, couriering, and so forth, is saved. Plus, the cash conserves here may be used to discover new opportunities for the organisation.

  9. Higher Client Satisfaction

  10. Safeguarding the customers is most vital for running a business successfully and e-signatures helps in achieving higher customer satisfaction. This solution offers the ability to sign anywhere and anytime, hence the signing experience becomes very efficient. Your clients will certainly appreciate this new ease of signing documents.

Last but not least, by adapting to e-signature solutions, you are also saving the environment by reducing the use of paper that in turn will preserve the trees.

Now that we have discussed the several benefits that electronic signature solutions for a business, you know why incorporating it is indeed a great idea. You can take a step forward in the year 2019 with this idea and experience all the great benefits for yourself.

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