New hard- and software solutions at CeBIT 2012!

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signotec offers uncompromising quality with impeccable security

signotec introduces its new intuitive applications ‘signoSign/2’ and ‘signoSign/mobile’ at CeBIT in Hall 3 at Stand D25.

CeBIT in Hanover is the most important event in the world for the digital industry. This year’s trade fair motto is ‘Managing Trust’, once again setting the tone and focussing on trust and security in the digital world.


Related to the CeBIT headline signotec GmbH, located in Ratingen, Germany, a leader in digital signing process technology, offering complete secure solutions for carrying out work processes entirely in a digital format. Adopting our solutions saves costs across all sectors and significantly improves handling and processing times.


Eliminate doubt with certainty: ‘signoSign/2’
Ratingen-based signotec GmbH hits the mark with ‘signoSign/2’, the successor to the market-leading, TÜV-certified signature software ‘signoSign’. This application allows the authentic insertion of digital signatures into PDF documents. These signatures are then incorporated into further electronic workflows without media discontinuity. ‘signoSign/2’ can open and edit several documents at the same time. The application was completely redeveloped using the latest technology. ‘signoSign/2’ has a modern look and feel and is simple and intuitive to operate; it is thus easily integrated into existing systems and suitable for use in all sectors. Input and output control using XML documents makes it easy to connect the application to existing systems, including SAP. For example, the system can be used in the insurance industry for application forms, in industrial settings for service reports, and in banks for signing deposit and withdrawal slips. The healthcare sector can use signotec’s ‘signoSign/2’ to create digital medical histories, and the program is perfect for processing payment transactions in retail. Its predecessor ‘signoSign’ has been successfully used by thousands of customers for several years now.


‘signoSign/mobile’: Secure mobile signatures
The presentation of ‘signoSign/mobile’, a mobile software solution, will be another highlight at the CeBIT. Ever more companies are learning to value the digital mapping of their processes, regardless of location. We developed ‘signoSign/mobile’ for use in mobile devices. PDF documents can be authentically signed in a browser via an iPhone, iPad or other smartphones and tablets running the Android operating system. ‘signoSign/mobile’ works with any conventional browser, for example, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome. You can sign directly on the mobile device’s display screen. This guarantees a seamless workflow without any media discontinuity.


Of course, the issue of security is a priority at signotec GmbH. All PDF security settings are supported. With ‘signoSign/mobile’, the company in Ratingen has reasserted itself once again as a technology leader.


The latest programming technology and development environments signotec GmbH remained true to its uncompromising quality standards for hardware and software: “Our team of experts is constantly coming up with new ideas and using the latest programming technologies and environments. This allows us to meet the needs of both our customers and the overall market. We also take into account all of the positive qualities of existing signature software.” says Managing Director Arne Brandes. Of course, during the development of the new products, the greatest emphasis was placed on making sure that users can quickly find their bearings. Applications can be adjusted to individual company requirements with just a few clicks of the mouse. “Our high quality standards and our efficient, extremely reliable service are what make us one of the world market leaders in the digital signature field.”


Be it hardware or software, security is the focus
With signotec’s hardware and software solutions, the PDF document created by your own application is displayed on the screen and the user signs the signotec signature pad, authentically inserting their digital signature into the document. Biometric information, such as writing speed and pressure, is safely recorded in the document while signing; these can later be verified by a handwriting expert, much like a handwritten signature. This solution has been endorsed by an independent, court-certified handwriting expert. The signotec pads offer unique security mechanisms, such as encrypted data transmission or an RSA signature creation device. This renders spying on biometric features impossible, ensuring that document content and the pad signature have an inseparable relation. After confirmation, the signed, Adobe-compatible PDF document is automatically archived electronically and can be accessed at any time.


‘Omega’ or ‘Sigma’: Uncompromising quality
signotec provides first-class quality components for capturing a signature and its biometric parameters. The signature pads ‘Sigma’ and ‘Omega’ are developed by us and are manufactured in Germany. They combine over 15 years of experience and competence. Users feel like they are writing on paper thanks to the rounded edge of the pad, the fluent transition along the heel of the hand from device to table and the pen and sensor The signature pad’s exterior can be individually designed to reflect customer colour preferences, and logos can also be incorporated.


The Omega signature pad features an outstandingly brilliant display of text and graphics thanks to its large colour display in VGA resolution. It is very well-suited for commercial use with its colour LCD and internal memory for slideshows. The Sigma pad measures only 160 x 120 x 10 mm; it is extremely compact and durable and is therefore ideal for mobile work applications. The Sigma pad is now available with a backlit display for use in locations with poor lighting.


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