signotec achieved major order from Deutsche Bahn

signotec achieved major order from the Deutsche Bahn

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db logo mRatingen, April 2014. Rail travellers are signing on Signature-Pads from the signotec GmbH. The Deutsche Bahn (DB) just awarded a major order to the expert for handwritten electronic signatures via Pen-Pad. The DB is introducing 4.200 Signature-Pads “Sigma” to its DB travel centres, DB Mobility centres and travel agencies with DB licence. DB-customers can now sign their BahnCard-applications electronically via the pads.

The signotec GmbH was able to establish itself in an invitation of tender against competitors from all over Europe. The advanced technology and the high security standards of the signotec solution were reasons for the decision of the DB. Further important decision criteria were, that hard- and software come from a single source and that signotecs signature solutions are developed and manufactured entirely single-handedly in Germany.

The signotec software is leading in Europe and is presumed to be the standard for the electronic signature processing with Signature-Pads or Tablet-PCs. signotec was yielding its software expertise in the development of own Signature-Pads. With the Sigma, signotec is offering a device for capturing signatures, which sets new standards in design and functionality. The Pen-Pad stands out from the competitors by its special ergonomic shape and the technical details.

The DB started its project with signotec in March 2013 and is deploying Signature-Pads including the signature in its DB travel centres and DB mobility centres. In a second wave in 2014, also travel agencies with DB-licence will be equipped with the Signature-Pads. Next to the Pen-Pads also a companies-licence of the Adobe Reader Plugin is part of the solution to sign digital signature fields in PDF-documents. This signotec-module gives the Adobe Reader the additional functionality of the electronic signature via a Signature-Pad. Furthermore the DB has acquired a companies-licence of the signotec Viewer. With this program its possible for particular user communities, to reveal the encrypted signature within the document.

The travel agent is accessing the BahnCard-application documents in the PDF format. The customer signs with a pen on a Signature-Pad. Via the Adobe Reader Plugin, the signature is going to be embedded safe from data manipulation in the right place of the PDF-application form. Thereby not only an image of the signature is going to be saved encrypted in the document, but rather also significant attributes like variation in time, rhythm or acceleration attributes. Gunther Hagner, managing director of the signotec GmbH: “signotec has let an independent, judicially accepted handwriting expert confirm the probative value of the signature. Additionally the particular evidence of the system has been certified by the TÜV.”

Afterwards the signed document is going to be transferred in further electronic workflows and finally stored in the archive system. Media breaks from analogue to digital thereby will not longer exist when applying for the BahnCard.

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