Rural district Südliche Weinstraße

EWW pioneer in resource conservation

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wappen weinstrasse suedFrom now on the WertstoffWirtschaft centers north and south are using Signature-Pads for the receipt of waste and recyclable fraction. The deliverers don’t receipt on paper anymore, but rather on the LCD Signature-Pad “Sigma” from the signotec GmbH from Ratingen. Thereby the energy company WerstoffWirtschaft of the rural district Südliche Weinstraße is saving about 40.000 sheets of paper, weighing 200 kg, which had to be filed away in 80 Folders in the archive of the administration.

With this technique, so far primarily known from the distribution of parcels and letters sector, the energy company will further contribute to resource conservation. Therewith the WertstoffWirtschaft of the rural district a pioneer under the public waste disposal companies in Rheinland-Pfalz. The buyback centers near Edesheim and Ingenheim are the first facilities using this kind of Signature-Pads. The deliverers are still receiving a paper receipt.

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