Signature specialist signotec celebrates its 15th anniversary

15 jahre signotecAfter 15 years of company history, signotec GmbH can be considered as today’s market and technology leader in the field of electronic signatures and related software solutions for various industries. Customer proximity, reliability and an excellent expertise characterize the German company and will continue in the future.

The success story of signotec begins in 2000 in the field of electronic signatures via pen pads or tablet PCs. With the proven signature innovations and intelligent software solutions, users can sign in the familiar way, optimize business processes, authenticate people and produce legally valid documents. Electronic documents signed this way can be checked without technical outlay by anyone anywhere and at any time and avoid cost-intensive media discontinuities. Continuous further developments as well as the adaption of hard- and software solutions to exigent customer needs, new technical conditions and strict data protection requirements are indispensable for the company founders Arne Brandes, Gunther Hagner and Wolfgang Specht and will continue to play a major role in the future.

With well-founded know-how, many years of expertise, customer proximity and the Made in Germany label, the company became partner number 1 on the national and international technology market within 15 years. Increased market competition, turbulent market situations and growing environmental influences require continuous innovation, sustainable strategies and particular reliability. “An extraordinary characteristic of signotec is the fact that it’s a German, owner-operated company that reacts in a fast and targeted way to customer wishes and market trends – with relevant experience and flexibility”, explains Arne Brandes, CEO of signotec GmbH. “In this way, we can always provide expertise and reliable service to our estimated clients. And this will not change in the future!”

signotec GmbH did not need any Venture-Capital to develop into what it is today. It has no financial and informational obligations towards shareholders. Compared to its competitors, it developed from the inside out by proper resources, innovations and longstanding experience. On the path to success, signotec GmbH already set many, strategic milestones: the decision to not develop only software solutions but to also produce hardware for digital signature capturing. Both, soft- and hardware guarantee a unique and data protected interaction that only signotec is able to deliver. In every place that clients from various industries need to sign documents in paper form, signotec offers a large range of legally valid solutions for the signature of digital documents – to any industry and area of application. This avoids costly and time-consuming media discontinuities and the use of paper, while the electronic documents are protected by the digital signature which can be verified as genuine. Moreover, the company develops and produces its signature solutions and pen pads on its own. With the Made in Germany label, the company takes an outstanding position on the market and supports the middle class in Germany. The signotec signature pads distinguish from competitors by an ultra-flat design, a special ergonomic shape, unique technical details and unbeatable software programs. “Our signature pads Sigma, Omega, Alpha, Gamma and Kappa are suitable for mobile and stationary use. They are characterized by patented technologies for signatures and safety standards and by an excellent quality of detection”, says Gunther Hagner, also CEO of signotec GmbH.

The introduction of electronic signature solutions and the capturing of personal digital signatures allow industrial clients and financial service providers, for instance, the consistent electronic processing of their business processes. By optimizing these processes, signotec contributes to a simplified and accelerated workflow and treatment of electronic documents without media discontinuities – from production through to archiving. In this way, it contributes to a better environment as well. About the background: In order to use less paper, it is advisable to switch from paper-intensive to fully electronic business processes. These can be designed efficiently, minimize media discontinuities, save time and money and allow a flexible access to every step of the process chain at any time, which ensures the highest mobility.

One of the most exemplary and outstanding steps that signotec covered over the last years is the constant expansion of the company. On the one hand, this expansion is reflected by the continuous development of existing and new products, and on the other hand, by the opening of new markets worldwide. signotec GmbH operates extensively in the EMEA region, but also globally where it will continue to provide effective support with intelligent solutions in the future – reliably, thematically precise and target-group oriented.

signotec GmbH and all its employees would like to thank all of its valued partners and customers, among whom are not only German but international industry customers, retail chains and companies, financial service providers, administrative offices, the healthcare sector, numerous savings banks and credit unions in Germany, as well as insurance companies and brokers, for the many years of loyal cooperation. signotec’s achievement in the various industries prove that it is capable of delivering complex, integrated solutions at a high level in terms of quality and quantity, from tailor-made software to an individual design of signature pads in a wide range of colors to meet the corporate identity of each customer.

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