BMW optimized dispatch


BMW AG has significantly optimized the dispatch with the help of handwritten electronic signature on the pad “SigGem Color 5.7” and the Software “SignoSign/Logistics”, integrated in SAP.

In the factory of Dingolfing will the paperwork be curbed immediately and the cost-intensive and susceptible paper logistics will be eliminated as early as now.

Shipping documents (freight and delivery orders), which are created with SAP, come on a separate monitor for the driver to view. Through choosing the large, colour VGA pad there will be indicate buttons and important information from the shipping documents. The extraction of relevant data for the driver takes over “SignoSign / Logistics” automatically. After the driver has accepted the transfer of cargo and documents via this button will the shipping document, which is present in PDF format, be signed evidentially.

The special feature of BMW is that the driver has to sign a variety of delivery notes, which are grouped by a Bodero number. With that the production from the shipping documents on several shipping points are concurrent. The corresponding sorting takes over “SignoSign / Logistic”, so that no changes were necessary in programming from SAP. After signing the document will automatically be printed and archived electronically for the driver.

In use the “SigGem Color 5.7” and “SignoSign/Logistic”.

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