signotec found a new company for the region of South-East Europe

signotec solutions will provide services for its ever increasing customer bases for electronic signatures

On 15th of January signotec founded a new company in Austria. It is called signotec solutions GmbH and it is based in Spielfeld, a small town between Graz/Austria and Maribor/Slovenia.
The technology leader for capture and processing of handwritten digital signature hence reacts to the huge growth of its customer basis in countries of South-East Europe.

 solutions is responsible for the business operations in that area. Its General Business Manager and founding associate is Jörg Prinzhorn, who, up to now, was responsible for document management systems at Wincor Nixdorf.

Arne Brandes, General Manager of signotec GmbH: "In the last years we have experienced a significant increase in the number of newly-won customers. Next to the industrial enterprises, such as Wolford GmbH, Rauch Fruchtsäfte and well-known companies like Carl Zeiss, Miele, Siemens and Vaillant, among its clients are also established finance service companies such as Grazer Wechselseitige and Austrian Public Insurance. Because of our local presence we can expand our acquisition of new customers and our projects in the region".

Besides the Headquarter in Ratingen (Germany) and two branches in North and East Germany, this is the fourth company of successful signotec trademark and enterprise. With Jörg Prinzhorn, signotec can rely on an experienced IT-Sales Manager with profound knowledge of finance industry sector. Before the foundation of the new company Jörg Prinzhorn (38), was responsible for the sales of process solutions which included high-level consulting that was mostly related to finance sector.

signotec develops solutions for digital signing by the means of visual and automatic signature verification systems, as well as comparison of signatures, all the way to the development and production of its own signature hardware. With its complete range of solutions, the signotec helps the companies to digitalize their business processes, so they can became more cost-efficient. These are the main reasons for successful expansion of its customer basis, regardless of the economic depression in 2009. In the past months, such development has also been supported by considerable investments into the new technologies. The company has sold 150.000 licenses and added more than 3.500 new customers. Its ever increasing number of employees remained unchanged in 2009.

"The integration of handwritten digital signatures related to the daily workflow is not anymore something that could simply be described as something that is ´nice to have`. Our professional, system integrated signature solutions are user friendly, easy to install and allow for the digitalization and rationalization of processes related to signing directly at the point of sale", says Arne Brandes, about the success of the company.

signotec solutions GmbH
Bundesstraße 228
A-8471 Spielfeld / Austria
Tel: +43 3453 20004
Fax: +43 3453 30852
E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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