Successful TÜV-Testing for signotec

The newest SignoSign version 8.2 receives a certificate of quality called “Approved Software” by TÜV Saarland.

24 March 2010. SignoSign, the software of signotec GmbH for digital signing meets with its signotec-Pad ‚Sigma’ the requirements of TÜV delivery catalogue in all respects, which can also be seen as result of a successfully completed Audit done by the officials of tekit Consult Bonn GmbH. tekit Consult Bonn GmbH is a specialised company of TÜV Saarland Group. The general manager of signotec GmbH Arne Brandes received the mentioned certificate of quality at the last CeBIT fair from Guido Hermanowski. He is the sales manager of tekit Consult Bonn GmbH. “The TÜV Quality Certificate represents a strong proof of reliability and ability within the SignoSign as the leading company for digital signing, all across Europe”, explains Arne Brandes.

LH view: Arne Brandes, general manager from signotec GmbH and Guido Hermanowski, sales manager from tekit Consult Bonn GmbH.

SignoSign can be regarded as quality standard for digital signature processing with signing-Pad or Tablet PC. Autographic Signatures can thus be directly included into the electronic documents and files, all this being done by capturing via PenPad or Tablet PC. Besides the image of the signature, the software is also able to save other crucial signing features, such as time span, rhythm and acceleration characteristics with 100% reliability. Subsequent manipulations regarding the document are thus immediately recognised. Therefore, any possibility of abuse is prevented and, at the same time, safety/reliability of that signature corresponds to an autographic one. The independent legal experts dealing with handwritten documents have, after the detailed graphological and forensic analyses, also confirmed that the validity of (in that manner) digitalised signatures corresponds to the validity of a handwritten signature – and can therefore be regarded as a means of proof.

According to the results of different tests undertaken during the TÜV testing, no data can be inserted into the transmission pathways. Manipulations in the signed PDF-documents were recognised at once, unmistakeably, and were promptly reported to the officials. The same manipulations could be recognised and clearly marked also by Adobe Reader 9.3 (besides the SignoSign). Thereby, it is guaranteed that any attempt of abuse can be recognised (in a similar way) by using the worldwide established Adobe software products. Thus, the hardware and software together operate as closed system. No safety shortcomings could be discovered during the analyses of the products by the testing personnel. Also, no obvious insertions of unencrypted data could be discovered,’ says the testing report after the completion of all procedures.

With its hardware and software products, the signotec offers all the components needed for digital signing – from one source. Nonetheless, the upgraded and improved version of SignoSign was already presented at the last CeBIT fair. By our software, now the clients can produce signatures according to ISO Standard, i.e. ‚Acrobat-adjusted’. This way, one can test the documents containing digital signature for manipulation by any (new version) of the free Acrobat reader. The recent software version also supports the new signotec Pads ‚Sigma’ and ‚Omega’. However, no Acrobat is necessary in order to display, sign, complete and save the PDF-documents. Similarly, one does not need Acrobat to prepare the form and signature gaps. Digital documents that have been signed in this manner can be tested anytime, anywhere, and by anyone – without any technical trouble.

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