Version 8.1.0

No important note.

New :

  • Nothing

Changes :

  • SigPadApi.openDevice() doesn’t set a sample rate of 250 Hz anymore; instead the sample rate stored in the device is used
  • SigPadApi.startSignature(): optional parameters hash & hashAlgorithm added
  • SigPadApi.getSignatureData() & SigPadApi.getSignatureData()_Byte: optional parameter rsaPadEncryption added
  • SigPadApi.getSignatureData(): parameters publicKey, documentHash & algorithm are optional now; optional parameters type & scheme added
  • SigPadApi.generateSigningCert() added
  • SigPadApi.setSigningCert() added
  • SigPadApi.getSigningCert() added
  • SigPadApi.getSigningCsr() added
  • SigPadApi.signHash() added
  • SigPadApi.setEncryptionCert() added
  • SigPadApi.eraseEncryptionCert() added
  • SigPadApi.getEncryptionCertId() added
  • several rounding issues fixed
  • SigPadApi.setImage() works correctly if the given image lies outside of the display
  • HashType added
  • RSAScheme added

Bugfixes :

  • Nothing

News from 29.11.2013


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