Version 8.2.0

No important note.

New :

  • SigPadApi: RSA features are available for Sigma 1.16 and newer
  • SigPadApi: keystores can be of type "PKCS12" now
  • SigPadApi.decryptSignatureData() added
  • IP address of IP adapter can be configured in demo application

Changes :

  • Inverting of buttons works when using Sigma pads on Linux
  • Exception handling optimized
  • SigPadApi: property omegaBuffering is set to false as default
  • Full support of firmware versions 1.21 (Sigma) & 1.31 (Omega)
  • more reliable communication when using IP adapters

Bugfixes :

  • SignatureGraphics.drawImage() draws border correctly
  • SigPadApi.retrySignature() works correctly
  • SigPadApi.setTextWrapped() sometimes truncated the text
  • SigPadApi.setEncryptionCert() reads issuer correctly from certificate
  • all RSA methods work correctly with serial (FTDI) pads

News from 29.11.2013 Last updated : 03.01.2014


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