Version 8.7.0

No important note.

New :

  • SigPadApi.setImageFromStore(): optional parameter rectangle added.
  • SigPadApi.setTextUnderline() added.
  • SigPadApi: decryptSignatureData(), setSigningCert() & setEncryptionCert(): optional parameter keystoreType added.
  • SigPadApi.openDevice(): optional parameter eraseDisplay added.
  • SigPadApi.signHash(): optional parameter cancellable added.
  • SigPadApi.cancelSigning() added.
  • SigPadApi.showStandbyImage() added.
  • SigPadApi.getSignatureData() puts MAC address into returned XML structure if using Java 6 or newer.
  • Signed JAR file containing the native libraries added (for use in Java Web Start applications or Applets).
  • Javadoc added.

Changes :

  • Linux library completely rewritten.
  • SigPadApi.saveDisplayImageAsStream() throws an Exception if no pad is open.
  • Usage of the permanent memories accelerated.
  • SigPadApi.retrySignature() accelerated for Omega & Alpha pad.
  • SigPadApi.getSigningCert() accelerated if used more than once.
  • SigPadFacade.getSignatureDevices(): parameter model renamed as comSpeed, it may now contain "LowSpeed" or "HighSpeed" and it may be null.
  • SigPadApi.saveDisplayImageAsStream() returns a copy of the image now instead of only the reference.

Bugfixes :

  • SigPadApi: decryptSignatureData(), setSigningCert() & setEncryptionCert() read certificate correctly from PKCS#12 keystores which contain a certificate chain.
  • In very rare cases signature data could get lost.
  • SigPadApi.getSignatureData() never ignores the parameter windowId anymore.
  • Several fixes regarding image transfer to Omega pad.

News from 07.04.2015


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