Version 8.8.5

No important note.

New :

  • Support of ARM based Linux systems added.
  • SigPadApi.setImageFromStore(): parameter rectangle is also supported if copying between buffers (Alpha only).

  • [Task177]: Pure Java support added (SigPadPureFacade).
  • [Task180]: SigPadDevice.getIpAddress() added.

Changes :

  • [Task49]: Java 5 support removed.
  • [Task168]: JNA updated to version 4.2.0.
  • [Task177]: SigPadApi: reservePermanentTargets() is deprecated now.
  • [Task177]: SigPadApi.setText(), SigPadApi.setTextInRect(), SigPadApi.setTextWrapped(), SigPadApi.setImage(), SigPadApi.setImageFromFile(), SigPadApi.setImageFromStore(), and SigPadApi.configSlideShow(): several variants are deprecated now, they have been replaced by variants which use new ImageMemory class.
  • [Task171]: All libraries are now signed with a trusted timestamp.
  • [Bug158]/[Bug159]/[Bug160]/[Task181]: Small optimizations in the communication for serial and IP connections.
  • [Bug182] /[Task181]: property.ini which enables logging must now lie inside of the working directory, not next to shared libraries (Linux only).

Bugfixes :

  • In rare cases the timestamps of the biometric data could contain invalid values (if not encrypted inside of the pad).

  • SigPadApi.setTextInRect() works even if the text contains empty lines.
  • [Bug54]: SigPadApi.getSignatureData() works correctly on Linux.
  • [Bug161]/[Bug165]/[Task181]: TimerListener.timeout() is correctly called even on Linux.
  • [Bug161]/[Bug166]/[Task181]: SignatureListener.sign() is correctly called even on Linux.
  • [Bug178]: The display content is correctly updated even if the pad hasn't been closed before correctly.
  • [Bug179]: SigPadApi.getEncryptionCertId() now throws an exception if no ID is available instead of returning null.
  • [Task181]: setSigningCert() erases the CSR stored in the pad even if using the Alpha device.
  • [Task181]: SigPadApi.setSigRect() now throws an exception if one of the rectangles overlap with another.
  • [Bug210]: Signature images are cropped correctly.

News from 18.11.2015


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