What are the Applications of Digital Signature?

Introduction to Digital Signature

A digital signature is an electronic signature form used for authentication of the identity of the communicator or an authority signing the document. It ensures authenticity and originality of the content of the communication or the document. Digital Signatures remain unchanged throughout the communication or documentation, they are easily transportable and it cannot be imitated by anyone else. It also makes sure that the sender cannot deny the content sent via that signed document.

Understanding Digital Signature Certificate

Digital signature certificate can be better understood as the electronic alternative to physical or paper certificates such as driving license, PAN Card, passport, etc. Digital Certificates are proof of the identity of a person having a specified purpose. For example, a passport identifies a citizen’s identity with relation to a nationality and that citizen is eligible to legally travel to any country on a grant of permission. Under these identity requirements, the digital certificate is used to electronically prove a citizen’s identity and helps access to information or services via the internet or other electronic mediums or to sign documents digitally.

Need for a Digital Signature Certificate?

A digital signature certificate is a convenient way to authenticate an identity electronically with a high level of security for online transactions while safeguarding one’s privacy of information shared via Digital Signature Certificate. These certificates are used to encrypt data in a way that only the desired recipient can have access to it. The digitally signed information also ensures that it remains unchanged throughout the process of digital transfer as well as verifying the identity of the sender of the message.

Purchasing a Digital Signature Certificate

Legally validated Signature Certificates can only be issued by the Controller of Certifying Authority (CCA), Government of India licensed Certifying Authority (CA) as per the requirement of an individual as well as organizational needs.

Applications of Digital Signature

  • To send and receive encrypted emails, that are digitally signed and secured
  • To carry out secure online transactions
  • To identify participants of an online transaction
  • To apply for tenders, efiling with Registrar of Companies (MCA), efiling of income tax returns and other relevant applications
  • To sign and validate Word, Excel and PDF document formats

Digital Signature Web Application Process

A digital signature certificate links the identity of a person with a pair of electronic keys, i.e. public and private keys, endorsed by a CA. The certificate consists of information related to the user’s identity (Like: name, pin code, country, email address, certificate issue date, and the Certifying Authority Name).

The keys are complementary to each other and one cannot work without the presence of another. The browsers and servers to encrypt and decrypt the information of the certificate user during the complete process. The private key can be stored on the user’s hard disk, computer or any external device. The user controls the access and it only works with the assigned password. In case of mismatch of the two, the authentication process fails. This ensures that only authorized personnel can use the Digital signatures whereas the unauthorized ones cannot access the data.

Digital Signature Web Application allows a faster, convenient and secure way to create your digital signatures that are authentic and can be used for almost every documentation process. Also, the digital signature web application is equally useful for personal and business use. It can be stored safely and can be used for applications of digital signatures to avail various services.

We at Sigplex are constantly building efficient and effective technological solutions for businesses. Our Digital Signature web application is made for safe, secure and convenient transactions. Feel free to write to us at on how your personal and business transactions can be secured via digital signature.

Use of electronic signature in the hospitality industry to improve their services

The most exciting and demanding industries need some amazing solutions to rely upon. They require some leading solutions that meet the demands of the hospitality industry and one of those is the eSignatures. Where it is essential to deliver quality services within a fixed cost. Demands vary according to each client, and so does the need for customization. These demands require the cost to be minimal while bringing in other responsibilities that can be exhausting.

Key Factors involved within the hospitality industry


The competition in the hospitality industry is ever growing and to beat it every player depends on some extensive systems to ensure efficiency. These challenges keep them always in action to strive for improvement and constant growth. Which ultimately results in enhancing customer experience and that remains the key point to their satisfaction. The digitization of services has become the keystone to smooth operation of all businesses. They offer ease and convenience to the customers while ensuring efficient business operations.

Disorder and Confusion

There are various points where the chaos happens resulting in mismanagement and a lot of discomfort for both the business and the customer. Mishandling of information, doubts take the center stage in the hospitality industry even if a single issue arises. Centralization of this information and a procedural check helps maintain the operation in sync and stay on top of the competition.

Paper and Waste

Right from a query to the check-ins, billings to check-outs, staff records to vendor management, and sales reports to cash receipts. All these documents require manual signatures, scans, emailing, a courier sent for approval and kept for records. It consumes a lot of time, inconvenience and man-hours to attend to queries, guests and their demands. Of course, you do not want your customer to go through the same paper based work.

The only solution to all these paper work and manual procedures is eSignatures that are inexpensive, convenient for workflow and helps maintain order in all that high demanding service.

Transforming the Hospitality Industry

eSignatures for hospitality industry allow digital transactions to happen without the need of the paper, no physical presence either of the customer or the business manager. It is very effective for the traveling business people who are always on the go for better business opportunities. It allows them to easily check-in and check-out through an online portal. They can choose to pay online, e-sign the documents and proceed further without any physical documentation.

Online reservations are trending allowing customers to book accommodations or the tables, pay for the required services and provide eSignatures for confirming reservations.

Opting for Additional Services

Advanced solutions in eSignature for the hospitality industry are used for customers to confirm their additional requirements during their stay, for example, dry cleaning, car rental, and more.

Benefits of Electronic Signature for Hospitality Industry

  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Improving brand image
  • Improving Customer Satisfaction
  • Reducing overheads
  • Centralization of database
  • They are safe, reliable and quick to use.


eSignature for the hospitality industry is an amazing tool to reduce flaws in the system, deliver customized services and also helps grow business. Improve your business efficiency by assigning an eSignature tool in your system.

We at Sigplex are constantly improving and devising tools for better efficiency and management of your business. For any query regarding how to effectively integrate eSignature in your hospitality business write to us at and we would be glad to make it happen to your business.

Use of Electronic Signature in Retail Industry

Retail industry deals with a lot of paper work daily. Which happens for a large number of cashier operations: for confirming orders, for purchasing department for all goods delivered by the supplier and more.

At some retailers, the order procedures require minimum of three copies of a contract. Imagine the load of paper that goes into daily documentation of transactions happening at a retail office. It all happens just for the sake of a signature. eSignature in the retail industry can be applied for the following operations in the retail industry:

  • Recruitment contracts
  • Application forms
  • Supplier forms
  • Concession documents

Retail Stores have to organize these documents efficiently at a centralized location after printing, signing, scanning and storing them. This process of paper based documentation has an immense cost and causes delay in the process.

Paper based centralization workflow:

The Sigplex Signature pads are best for electronic signature capturing in the retail industry. This device guarantees low cost of ownership while providing complete control over the documentation process.


Benefits of eSignature Pads for the Retail Industry

Find the complete details of using Electronic Signature Devices in Retail Industry

  • Cost Saving
  • Time Saving
  • Customer and Employee Satisfaction
  • Brand Image
  • Go Green
  • Improved Security

Cost Saving

Signature pads digitize the complete documentation, resulting in saving on consumables and transportation. And this was not it, the manual process

Time Saving

Sigplex eSignature devices for retail industry saves time for suppliers, clients and the employees. Speeds up authorization with real time availability of documents and related resources. Staff can focus more on listening to the clients and suppliers needs.

Customer and Employee Satisfaction

Real-time impact of check-ins and simplicity to use results in satisfaction for all. Customers do not have to wait longer and the employees are able to revert instantly resulting in a prompt service and happy customers.

Brand Image

Advanced eSignature Devices for the retail industry adds value to the brand and its reputation. With the use of advanced technologies and modern devices, Sigplex is influencing the client’s work with environmentally friendly and trendy solutions.

Go Green

In current times, global warming is a major issue everyone is concerned about. With the use of Sigplex eSignature devices, one can save a lot on paper, consumable and logistics.

Improved Security

Your confidential and sensitive documents will always be safe with our integrated verification system of electronic signatures using biometric security features. Signature authentication is quick to perform and is completely secured. This is backed by the encryption of data while transferring between Sigplex device and computer device.

The world has moved on to eSignatures in retail industry. Organizations whether small or big, are simply opting for better alternatives to eSignature. It helps them stick to the trends and stay updated with the retail industry. Saving themselves a load of maintaining those physical documents and storing them safely. Which is now becoming easier for the industries to opt better alternatives which are quick, efficient and convenient for all.

Wish to stay ahead of the trend? Connect with us at to help us make your business paperless and digital at the same time.

Use of Electronic Signature in Mortgage Industry

Bankers have been discussing the paperless home loan for long. The advancement towards the complete, start to finish computerized home loan has moved gradually. It is now time to check for advances like electronic marks which gets borrowers to the deal closure quickly.

For a competitive approach, mortgaging specialists and originators are concentrating on client experience. Obviously, customers need the convenience of digital platform. No one wants to wait for the paper packages to arrive when it’s easier to go online and interact with a mortgage officer, upload your documents, accept disclosures and contracts online and do e-signatures in the forms.

How to start using digital signatures in mortgage industry?

As opposed to offering a full, end-to-end eMortgage complete with eClosings, banks and non-bank loan specialists are digitizing step by step. A staged methodology gives prompt and substantial advantages to all. Banks, credit associations and loan specialists have experienced the best early achievements through:

  • Offering borrowers the capacity to finish and e-sign the application bundle online
  • Delivering e-disclosures

From that point, the subsequent stage is to join advanced reports into a crossover or full eClosing.

Why eApplications and eDisclosures?

If your bank or financial institution has not yet transformed its procedures through electronic media, leveraged e-signatures for the mortgage application is the first step to switch to eSignatures in Mortgage Industry. Here’s are the two reasons to adopting mortgaging industry e-Signatures.

    1. Easier to collect signatures and improve customer experience

Applications are bulky and documents required are innumerable. Removing paper from the process enables clients to finish the application online without any delay resulting in a good client experience.

Online applications with e-Signature require 24-48 hours to get delivered and verified as compared to 7-10 days required while using paper. All in all the online process deals with the two major issues regarding mortgage industry using eSignatures i.e. physical process requires too many papers and it takes too long to finish the documentation.

    1. Quick To Deliver Loans Estimates

e-Signatures for Mortgaging Industry quickens the process. Until the lenders and brokers do not receive a confirmation from the client they cannot proceed their cases. On receipt of consumer eSign on loan estimates, the lender for the required documents, the consumer’s intent can be confirmed by obtaining the application processing fee.

    1. Quick on Finalizing Closures

Electronic delivery of disclosures is the main mortgage process that has been digitized today. Though the paper based processing is still in use, soon there will be digital delivery model everywhere to take over the waste of paper and its time delays. Soon customers will also be aware enough to make sure the manual processes are kept aside and the automatic eSignatures in Mortgage Industry will become the trend.

    1. Customer Centric Approach

The most practical way in current times to short the closing delays is by compressing the application cycle. In application processing, the disclosure can be closed electronically and obtain an acknowledgement of receipt via e-signature.

This results in meeting customer expectations for fast, convenient and efficient service in home buying mortgage process.

Use Of Electronic Signature In Higher Education Industry

The students of 2020 class will graduate never knowing the fact that the world ever existed without smartphones or social media? The universities are expecting the higher education students to be tech-savvy and digitally-oriented. Right from the school admission applications and student loans to assignments and class notes. Even the idea of online degree is in the scenario.

Digitization of the class of 2020 isn’t just an automation, online applications for college admissions are reaching 92% now. This rise of enrolment pattern puts pressure on future students as well as it puts responsibility on admissions department for management and processing of application without any paperwork.

Automation with eSignatures

Thousands of applications still happen over paper-based system, involving administrators to file, send and sign papers regularly. How can Universities and college students improve their way of document submission and signing?

Sigplex’s eSignature solution for higher education delivers consistency in workflows and data processing, especially for tech-savvy individuals. On reduction of physical paper processes, it will significantly reduce the physical documentation error by speeding up the transactions. A win-win situation for both the students and the staff.

Universities require solutions that are user friendly, secured and resourceful for document processing. Sigplex’s eSignaturesmeet requirements of higher education institutes and Universities which includes moving from paper to digital systems.

Efficient Administration

Along with the improvement in document efficiency, Sigplex’s eSignatures solutions will also save huge time and help institutions stay on the competitive edge. Administration Departments can keep a track of all the applications viewed, opened, signed and sent back.

It also allows Universities and Educational departments to keep track of class transfers, and enrollments, student loan applications, financial aid documentation, professor schedules, vacations, and procurement forms. Sigplex’s eSignature solution helps institutes manage students and staff efficiently with digital interface.


Find the complete details of using Electronic Signature in Higher Education Industry

  • Make complex signing processes easier
  • Create Templates from Weekly Plans
  • Organize Admin Teams for Better Collaboration
  • Sign Transcript Request Using Mobile Devices
  • Keep Student Records Secure
  • Create Forms for Gathering Information

Make complex signing processes easier

Allows students to sign financial aid applications easily and quickly along with defining the signing roles.

Create Templates from Weekly Plans

Generate templates from weekly lesson plans and reuse them saving time and efforts. Customize templates to suit any classroom structure.

Organize Admin Teams for Better Collaboration

Invite colleagues and staff members to collaborate as a team for signing and sharing timesheets for faster reports. Share documents directly with the members of your team.

Sign Transcript Request Using Mobile Devices

Sign requests on the go using iOS or Android application from your smartphone. Add signatures and submit request forms from anywhere.

Keep Student Records Secure

Keep student documents and information secure. Use cloud technology for advanced protection and backup to store huge data of student’s records and special needs.

Create Forms for Gathering Information

Make the signing processes of enrolment verification forms easier and accurate using open fields for students to add information. Collect and store all forms in a few simple steps.

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